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Machine design 2 2+0+1, mt, 3 cr


• NEPTUN-code: BGBGG22NEC • Language of the course: English • Subject leader:

Endre Korondi

senior lecturer • Co-lecturer:

dr. Erzsébet Ancza

associate professor Institute of Machine Design and Safety Engineering, Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, Óbuda University • Contact information: – E-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]

– Room 142 and 10

Machine Design I. (Technical Drawing) Machine Design II. ?

• Gépelemek • Gépszerkezetek • • • Machine parts ~ components ~ elements • • ~ design ~ details • ~ structures • Engineering Design

aim • to introduce the structure of machines, the function, type and load of machine elements and the main methods of designing them • Main chapters of this semester: – Fits & tolerances – Basics of stressing – Joints – Drive systems 1.

Connecting subjects machine design I and III  mechanics I, II, III engineering materials ….

pneumatics and hydraulics

Requirements 3 hours weekly (mostly 2 lecture, 1 laboratory) Attendance and participation are important!

Engineering is not a spectator sport.

(allowed absence four occasions)

Course requirements: Tests (tolerances, stressing) 10+10 points Assignments (valve, key joint, coupling) (10+15+15) Written exam 60 point

Preliminary deadlines Valve (assembly+part dwg) 22/03 (6th week) Key joint (ass. dwg+calc.) 05/04 (8th week) Coupling (ass. dwg+calc.) 03/05 (12th week) Test on fits& tolerances: 01/03 (3rd week) Test on stressing: 09/04 (10th week) Exam (closing test) 10/05 (13rd week)

evaluation minimum: tests, assignments, exam 50% each

beeing late with ass. mean extra fee! (1kHUF)

overall minimum for mid-term mark: 50% (60 of 120 points) retry: for tests: one occasion for assignments: next to last week exam: last week Ultimate deadline : last week (17th of May) Further exam retry (once) by Study Regulations

literature Textbook with assignments BMF BGK 3022

+ Mark’s Standard-Handbook/Machine Element.pdf

some hungarian textbooks

Diószegi György, dr. Gyurcsovics Lajosné, et. al.:

Géprajz, gépelemek II.

, BMF-BL-346

Géprajz, gépelemek II. Segédlet,



Other TUs

old & new

machine elements

general purpose machine elements

static elements

• joints • frames • springs

(mechanical) drive systems

• bearings • shafts • couplings & clutches • drives

vessel systems

• pipes • valves • tanks

machine group – machine part assembly – machine element pump motor hierarchy

seal shaft bearing coupling pipe joint joint frame

Technical terms „The beginning of wisdom starts with calling things on their right names” Chinese proverb words grammar

Ok, it’s not so difficult, but… Tolómérő / Subler

Vernier caliper

Íves retesz

Woodruff key



rugós biztosítógyűrű tengelyhez/ furathoz Seeger gyűrű

retaining ring, snap ring C-clip, circlip Jesus clip (!) UK US gauge gage


Scotch joke (2:)

Kulisszás hajtómű

Scotch joke (1)

Hungarian lecture: Mr. Szunyogh, Tuesday 14.25, P10

That’all, folks!