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Advanced Academic Programs
What are Level 4 AAP Services?
• Full day advanced and enriched curriculum in
all four core subject areas
• Offered at Lees Corner and Oak Hill
• Sometimes referred to as “center services”
What is Level 4 AAP Screening?
• Students are screened by the FCPS AAP
Central Screening Committee in March to
determine eligibility for full-time AAP services.
• Our Lees Corner Local AAP Screening
Committee prepares the files and forwards to
this committee.
Who is screened?
• 2nd graders with 132 or higher on NNAT or
CogAT composite score are automatically
• 3rd-7th graders who are referred for services by
What is a referral?
• An Advanced Academic Programs Level 4
Referral Form can be found at
• The deadline for writing a referral is
February 3, 2015.
No late referrals will be accepted.
How do I fill out a referral?
• On the AAP Level 4 Referral Form, parents
need to describe why they think their child
needs AA services. It must be signed and
delivered to main office by February 3.
• Place in mailbox of Nicole Pierce, AART. No
electronic copies will be accepted.
• This initiates the screening process.
What factors are considered in deciding
eligibility for AA services during central
• Ability Test Scores (CogAT and NNAT)
• Achievement Test Scores (SOLs)
• GBRS (Gifted Behavior Rating Scale) with
• Work samples
• Progress reports
• Parent input; optional materials
When will parents find out if their
children are found eligible?
• Parents are notified via letter by the end of
April or early May.
What happens if my child is found
• Parents have the choice to accept or decline
• Parents have a choice to send students to Oak
Hill or Lees Corner for center services.
What happens if my child is not
found eligible?
• All students in grades 2-5 are screened for
Local Level 4 services in June by our Local
Level 4 AAP Screening Committee.
• Students must meet locally established criteria
• Parents are notified of this placement in
August (via letter) just before Open House.
How do I get more detailed
information about AAP?
• Visit the AAP website at www.fcps.edu/is/aap
• There will be a meeting for second grade
parents this Friday, January 16 at 9:00 a.m. in
the Lees Corner cafeteria.
• View PowerPoint (from October meeting)
located on Lees Corner Blackboard site
• Contact Information - [email protected]