Winter Essentials Wardrobe for Women

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Transcript Winter Essentials Wardrobe for Women

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Winter Essentials
Wardrobe for Women
Tinkuy Shop

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One Colour
Make it the main piece of your
Wearing a one bright colour sweater is not
only eye-catching, but also comfortable.
You must consider have a different
patterns ones, so you'll always look cool.

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Hand Knitted
Looking good from head to
Whether is rainny or snowy day you must
always bring with you a beanie or hand
knitted hat to keep you warm all day while
looking fantastic.

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Not a big fan of one pattern
sweater? This one is for you!
This two pattern sweaters will
always give to you a romantic
look, no matter the colour you
choose. Definitely it's a garment
every woman must have.

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Matching Gloves
Showing your manicure while staying warm is
possible now with this fingerless gloves, no more
cold hands in winter!

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Tinkuy is an online store of Peruvian
crafts, home d├ęcor and baby alpaca
clothing (every garment we show in
this presentation was made with
premium baby alpaca wool).

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