5 New Things in Destiny 2

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Transcript 5 New Things in Destiny 2

5 New Things in Destiny 2
New Campaign
• Destiny 2 has a new Warmind campaign which could hold a lot of interesting secrets about the world of Destiny. Latest Weapons and Armor
• In Destiny 2, there are tons of new weapons and armor pieces for players to grab once Warmind launches.
New, Old Planet to Explore
• Destiny players, the prospect of going back to Mars is an exciting one. But here we are going to a region of Mars frozen over with ice.
New Crucible Maps
• Warmind added two new Mars­based crucible maps: Meltdown and Solitude. • The best part about the new Warmind maps is that they are free to everyone, even if you did not buy the expansion.
New Strikes
• Warmind will come with two brand­new strikes: Strange Terrain and Will of Thousands. • These new strikes will also become Nightfall strikes as the weeks go on, giving players more reasons to go back and grind for loot. You can Destiny 2 kaufen from Instant Gaming Store.
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