How to Boost App Downloads

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Transcript How to Boost App Downloads

6 Practical Tips to Boost App Downloads
One million downloads! This is where the party begins for mobile app publishers.
But, is it easy to achieve? You can easily hire mobile app development company
and come up with a fully-functional application today, but the real battle begins
when you launch it in the app marketplace i.e. Google play store and App store.
If you’re reading out this blog, it probably means you are about to launch a newlydeveloped mobile app — may be your first one? Well, have you prepared a
marketing plan to boost the downloads? If you haven’t, then it’s time roll up your
sleeves and make a result-driven strategy to increase downloads for your app.
Today, we will talk about some powerful tips to improve mobile app ranking and
boost app downloads:
App Store Optimization (ASO)
Just like SEO, App store optimization is the process of improving an app’s visibility
in the store by optimizing several significant elements such as app title,
description, screenshots, and keywords as per the trends’ best practices. The
motive is to make your mobile app more visible and boost its discoverability. With
the right ASO, users will be more likely to find your app in the marketplace, and
the number of downloads will increase ultimately.
Though ASO is gaining popularity every day, it is overlooked by most app
publishers and marketers. It is time to avail the advantage of this cost-effective
way to boost app downloads. In order to find relevant keywords, you can use
Google Keyword Planner or Apple Search Ads tool.
Come Up with a Relevant Website
If you want to boost app downloads, you really need to increase your brand
awareness. Promote your app everywhere on the web. In addition, you must
create a relevant website or landing page. You don’t even need to have the
technical knowledge to do so. Simply create a site using free platforms like
WordPress which will also make it easy to manage the content. Building a landing
page or relevant website will help you share valuable content about your mobile
app. This will also work as a central point where users can learn more about your
Make sure the website design is attractive; use your specific fonts and app’s color
to make it more personal. Don’t forget to add a blog section on your website
which will be the main part of your marketing approach. The purpose is to
provide some news about your app such as features, design, etc. You can choose
some engaging blog topics to promote your app without directly promoting it.
Build Your Social Presence
Apart from website and blogs, it is also required to build your strong social
presence. Make sure to create a Google+, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page,
Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account.
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