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ETD Preservation Workshop
Session Four:
Collection Management for
Gail McMillan, Virginia Tech
Organizing ETDs for Effective
Collection Management
Web accessible
Permission to preserve statement
“LOCKSS system has permission to collect, preserve, and
serve this Archival Unit”
Preserving Restricted ETDs
Restricted to the authors’ university and
 Withheld from public access
Specific preservation partners must access
 Add IPs to server’s firewall
Structuring ETD Collections for
Preservation Harvesting
Create a methodical structure
Directory for each year’s ETDS
 Subdivide large collections into months
File Naming Conventions
Adopt something easy to decipher
 Year/month: 2008/01
 Archival units
Digitized Theses and Dissertations
File naming conventions
Adopt something easy to decipher
 Year/month: 2007/10
 Archival units
 Based on date of digitization
• Dissertation scanned on Oct, 2, 2007
MetaArchive Conspectus Database
 Each collection’s detailed description
 Network administration
 Public awareness of the preserved collections
 Future considerations, e.g., format migration
 Thoroughly defines Conspectus metadata
Descriptive Data
Details explaining the digital collection to be
Collections Title: formal name of this group of
 Alternative Title: other names for this collection
 Description: explain or define the collection
 Subjects: describe the collection using terms from
a thesaurus or controlled vocabulary
Uniform Resource Identifier: usually a locator
(URL) or name (URN)
Collection’s URI
 Institution Identifier: collection's university
assigned control number or name
 Is available via: public URL
Describe the collection in space and time
Spatial Coverage: geographical location--place or
areas associated with the collection
 Temporal Coverage: time periods associated with
the collection
 Accumulation Date Range: span of dates when
the collection was assembled
 Contents Date Range: dates of creation of the
digital collection
Accrual Information
Details about the growth of the collection
Accrual Periodicity: frequency with which items
are added to the collection
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly, …No longer adding
Accrual Policy: approach adopted to add items to
the collection or anticipated growth
Data Description
Formatting, size and language information
Format Characteristics: physical or digital
characteristics of the files in the collection
 Language of the content of the collection
 Type: genre or category of the content of the
 Extent: size or duration of the entire collection
Rights and Ownership
Description of the collection’s intellectual property
and copyright
Creator: originator of the collection
Publisher: entity responsible for making the collection
Rights: statement about who owns the copyright
Access Rights: statement of restrictions placed on the
collection, including allowed users, charges, etc.
Custodial History: changes in ownership, custody of the
collection, integrity and interpretation; provenance
Manifestation: reformatting quality attribute
Related Resources
Use of and references for the collection
Associated Publications
 Subcollections
 Supercollections
 Catalog or Description
 Cataloged Status
 Associated Collections
Harvesting Information
Details about the web crawl that will gather the files
for archiving
Harvest Procedure: web crawl, OAI harvest
Plugin Identifier
Extra Parameters: multiple Archival Units
LOCKSS Manifest Page: permission to preserve
OAI provider
Risk Rank: designate the degree to which the collection is
in jeopardy from extreme to low risk
Risk Factors: describe the reason this collection is