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Ensuring Long-term Access to ETDs
through Distributed Digital Preservation
Gail McMillan
Director, Digital Library and Archives Virginia Tech
Newcomers’ Workshop @ ETDs 2008
Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland
What is Digital Preservation?
Systematic management of digital works
over an indefinite period of time
 Processes and activities that ensure the
continued access to works in digital formats
 Requires ongoing attention--constant input
of effort, time, and money
 Technological and organizational change are
obstacles for preserving beyond a few years.
Backup/IRs vs. Digital Preservation
Backups are tactical measures--typically stored in a single
location (often nearby or collocated with the servers backed
up) and performed only periodically. Backups address shortterm data loss via minimal investment of money and staff
time resources. Backups are not a comprehensive solution to
the problem of preserving information over time.
Digital preservation is strategic--a geographically dispersed
set of secure caches. A true digital preservation program
requires multi-institutional collaboration and at least some
ongoing investment to realistically address the issues
involved in preserving information over time.
Distributed Digital Preservation Network
Effective preservation succeeds by replicating copies of
content in secure, distributed locations over time.
Security reduces the likelihood that any single cache will be
Distribution reduces the likelihood that the loss of any single cache
will lead to a loss of the preserved information.
A single organization is unlikely to have the capability to operate
several geographically dispersed and securely maintained servers.
Inter-institutional agreements will ensure commitment to act in concert
over time.
MetaArchive: Distributed Digital Preservation
Networks Across the World through the NDTLD
Programmatically collects ETDs from host
 Preserves content among partners’ servers
– Low cost to administer and run
– Standard hardware, free software
– Audits and repairs content as needed from host or
Dark Archive only
ETD File Formats
85% PDF
30% JPG
27% WAV
24% GIF
21% AVI, MP3
MetaArchive Conspectus Database
ETD Preservation Survey
Do you have experience with or knowledge of LOCKSSbased preservation networks?
Would your institution be interested in an ETD-specific
LOCKSS-based collaborative distributed digital archive
sponsored by the NDLTD?
There’s still time to participate in the
ETD preservation survey.
 Select Digital Preservation of ETDs
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