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Socorro Independent School District
2016 – 17
Online Registration
• Access to Internet
• Email address on file
• Parent Portal account
Why is yearly registration
Allows parents to verify student data, update
contact information, complete yearly required
state mandated registration forms, and
acknowledge/review critical district
information and policies.
Online Registration Forms
Family Forms (generalized information pertains to all family members):
1. Welcome
2. Residency
3. Parent/Contact Data
4. Socioeconomic information Survey
5. State & Federal Agricultural Survey
6. Compulsory School Attendance
7. Student And Parent Handbook Acknowledgement
Student Forms (child specific information):
1. Student Demographic Information
2. Consent for Medical Treatment
3. Student Health History
4. Student Residency Questionnaire
5. Student Military and Foster Care Questionnaire
6. Student Release Information:
A. Permission to Video-Audio Record or Photograph
B. Student Consent/Opt Out
C. Higher Education, Military recruiters, Publications
How to do Online Registration?
Access the Parent Portal
The Parent Portal can be accessed from the District’s web site
( or by each individual campus’ web site
Tyler Parent Portal
Parents who have an existing log in and password will
be directed to the log in screen
Language Setting
1. On the top right corner, you will a globe. Please
click on the globe to adjust the language settings.
2. A pop-up will appear to select the language of
Online Registration
Once you have logged in, you will see your child(ren) on
your parent portal. Click on ‘Update Online Registration’
to begin the registration application process
Online Registration (cont.)
Once you have clicked on ‘Update Online Registration’,
click on the first ‘edit pencil’ to begin the process.
Online Registration (cont.)
At the bottom of every form, by checking the "I have
completed this form," checkbox will be your electronic
Online Registration (cont.)
Once you have completed all forms, your status for
each form will say ‘complete’.
Online Registration (cont.)
When all of the forms have been marked Complete, the
status at the top of the page will change to “All Forms
Complete” and a window will appear asking if the forms
should be submitted:
Online Registration (cont.)
An email will be sent to you confirming your submission. Please be
watchful for a second email that will notify you whether your
forms have been accepted or declined, including any additional
instructions necessary.
The registration process must be completed at the school during
scheduled registration times. Please bring any additional forms
the campus provided in the registration packet, along with proof
of residence and a valid government-issued identification.
Thank you!
Thank you for your continued trust
and support of Team SISD!