Quality Question Activity

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Transcript Quality Question Activity

Quality Questions
ISS HS History Teachers
Natalie Williams,
David Jordan and
Gordan Palmer
Where have we been?
April 2012 PD
• Intro on importance of
asking fewer, richer
questions during lessons
that are pre-planned in
• Supplied “RBT stems” as a
spring board for creating
quality questions
Where are we now?
December 2012 PD
• Traditional textbook and/or
unit plan questions
• MSLs Specifications
• Small group/whole group
discussion using Walsh,
Sattes Activity #5 to
practice understanding
ways to reword for quality
Form “mixed schools” groups of
Silently read handout Page 18
and make notes on handout
listing additional reasons why
the rewritten questions are
improved (5 min).
Share your thoughts, ah ha’s with
small group (3 min).
Share one profound thought per
group (2 min).
Silently, complete page 19
column 3 (5 min).
Share your thoughts with your
small group (3 min).
Share one profound thought
per group (2 min).
As a small group, rewrite and
explain your improvements
to ONE of the two
traditional questions on
page 20 (5 min).
Where are we now?
Agree on common current or
future content.
Create a minimum of 2 reworded quality questions
to use with students at
some point during
remainder of semester.
Record questions on poster
(15 min for small group work)
Where are we now?
Travel with your small group
to complete a Gallery
Walk on all quality
Leave feedback to support
or improve questions.
(10 min for Gallery Walk)
Where are we now?
Return to your original quality
questions and consider any
Digitally submit your new
questions to
[email protected]
using the district template for
Template can be accessed
through C&I or N. Williams’
(10 minutes to complete task)
Where do we go from here?
Remember characteristics of
quality questions to reword traditional questions
in future lessons.
Access the history lesson
bank to find quality
questions created today
by your colleagues.