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Do now: Write 3 facts about the Erie Canal (306-7)
Today, I will explain how improvements to
transportation helped grow the country. I will also
be able to explain the importance of the Erie Canal
Turn in 11.1, 11.2 won’t be collected (use
on your quiz)
 Quiz
11.1/11.2 Wednesday.
How was the construction of the Erie Canal
part of the Industrial Revolution?
Area of
expansion by
the 1830s.
Allows for quicker settlement of territory
We can’t expand as a nation without improvement
to infrastructure.
Allows for quicker extraction (removal of
Helps fuel growing populations back East
Helps to grow our economy
Allows for quicker travel of people and goods
Steam allows boats to traverse upstream
 Steam allows regular boats to travel faster
Canals connect major waterways
Erie Canal: Connects Lake Erie to the Hudson River, to
New York Harbor (NYC), which empties into the
 Allows us to move raw materials to factories and export
goods faster.
People were skeptical of the project, “Clinton’s Ditch.” The canal
would cover approximately 350 miles linking the “West and the
East”. Took 8 years to construct. New invention “stump digger”
Cut shipping cost by 95%. Led to further growth and
industrialization. erie canal song American Heritage Erie Canal
Written by Alexis de Tocqueville a French philosopher. In
1831, he toured America on a Conestoga wagon for 9
Impressed by the Frontier Spirit (rugged individualism =
getting the job done no matter what, #noexcuses).
Impressed by the Erie Canal (you should know why). #Digit
Impressed by our continued growing prosperity
Impressed by our stability #cant phase us
The North improves infrastructure /
transportation. Their wealth and population
continues to grow.
The South sees few improvements to
infrastructure. Travel between states continues
to be difficult. Continued reliance upon
traditional means of transpiration (rivers)