A Tale of Three Regions - By Adrian Smith

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Transcript A Tale of Three Regions - By Adrian Smith

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A tale of three regions
Regional Engineering – Building the
Prosperity of our State
Adrian Smith, Regional Director Minerals & Metals
WorleyParsons, Australia West
Engineers Australia CELM Regional Conference
Queensland Activity
WA Activity
Two regional hubs of activity:
 Southwest WA
 Pilbara
Social Issues
Accommodation constraints
 Stressed public infrastructure
 Lack of public services
 Increased costs
Non-booming Industry Issues
Labour cost pressures
Material cost pressures
Solutions Under Trial
 Attraction
 Reducing overall labour costs and addressing shortage
 Reducing material/fabrication costs
Work/life balance
Employment stability
Sport/outdoors or young family
Reducing Costs
Less site time
Prioritise projects
Offshore engineering
Offshore fabrication/sourcing
WA Parallels
Non-booming industries
Proximity to ports
What could work?
Mix of workshare and local resources
Offshore fabrication & sourcing
Project prioritisation tools
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