Session 17a powerpoint presentation

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Transcript Session 17a powerpoint presentation

Sheffield experiences of
learning healthcare with
games – Serious Gaming in
Medical Education
Vivekananda-Schmidt and Romano
Acknowledgements: Stephen Haselden,
Richard Davidson, Ash Self, Daniele Bryden,
Kiron Chakrabarti, Digital World
• The student population is increasingly
better equipped to engage with technology
• Technology and technological devices are
an integral part of their everyday life for
communication and learning
• Changes to Higher education climate
• Market based
• Higher emphasis on performance indicators
(NSS, Times Higher Awards)
• Student experience matters
• Computer based resources
• Simulation
• Virtual reality
• Serious games
Serious games are Virtual environments that
enable students to try out competencies in
environments that mimic workplace.
• Context based
• Time sensitive actions
• Emphasis on game/play
• Role play opportunities
How to.....
• Decision trees – but
• Can be simple and linear
• Cartoons
• Embodied Agents – An intelligent agent
that interacts with the environment through
a physical body within that environment.
• Videos
What determines the choice
• Technological expertise
• Purpose
• Symptoms -
• Physiological changes
• Emotions/facial expressions
• Realism
• HealthSim
• Trusim
Sheffield projects
• Academic Unit of Medical Education;
• Project lead: Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt;
• Clinical input: Stephen Haselden, Kiron Chakrabarti
• Technology: Richard Davidson, Ash Self
• Videos: Robin Farr
• Acute and Critical Care Consultant: Daniele Bryden
• Adviser: Daniela Romano
• Remote Clinical Consultations using superfast
broadband connectivity – Martin and Romano, Dentistry
Serious Gaming in Medical
• Asthma Game – Stephen Haselden
Stephen's Asthma Game
• BMedSci Project - tachyarrythmia (the ABC
of Airways, Breathing and
Circulation) Design, implementation,
evaluation and refinement.
• Cost-benefit
• Ethics
• Impact on professionalism
• Stereotypes
• Access and equity
• Romano,D.M. (2001). Features that Enhance the
Learning of Collaborative Decision Making Skills
under Stress in Virtual Dynamic Environments.
• Vivekananda-Schmidt, P. (2012). Ethics in the
design of Serious Games for Healthcare and
Medicine in S.Arnab I. Dunwell and K.Debattista
(Eds). Serious Games for Healthcare: Applications
and Implications. IGI Global.