Michael Edwards: A case for density? well maybe

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Transcript Michael Edwards: A case for density? well maybe

LSE June 20066
A case for density?
well, maybe
Michael Edwards
[email protected] Bartlett School of Planning
• …NOT supporting every density increment
• …NOT for everyone (people vary)
• …NOT at the expense of quality
• land saving: weak argument, cf Peter Hall
• supporting local services, (do we know?)
– and what about dwellings empty on the night?
• meeting need/demand for
– larger rooms, apartments, houses
– home-office
– car pools
• supporting non-car modes of travel (do we know?)
how do densities affect service support?
how do densities affect modal choice?
density and social class
density and building energy, water re-use, bio-diversity
sumarising: what is the desideratum? saving land, energy,
local services
• how to do it in conservation areas?
• how to measure it: dwellings/persons / hr / m2
Sustainable Urban Development
how we could produce it
how we could pay for it
The key issues for research
Michael Edwards, Nikos Karadimitriou,
Claudio de Magalhães, Khalil Rehman
Bartlett School of Planning, UCL
March 2003
For the RICS Foundation