Feed Preparation

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Unit 3048: Feed Preparation
I. It is Profitable to Grind, Crush
or Soak feed
A. Animal fail to chew grain thoroughly lose some
nutrient value
B. Grind feed to medium fine. For swine grind to a fine
Wheat and barley ground fine will be lost
C. Rolling grain results in more uniform particle size
and improve digestibility.
D. Pellets have less waste compared to ground feeds
Animals eat more in pellet form
F. 100% concentration rations: Not advisable because of
digestive problems
G. Cooking does not increase digestibility or feed value
of other feeds
H. Soaking of feeds
Advantage when using small or hard kernels
Be careful not to soak to long due to fermentation
* Clean feeders and waters out daily
* Growth of animal depends on how well you feed it