Clery Act and Study Abroad: Information for faculty

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Transcript Clery Act and Study Abroad: Information for faculty

The Clery Act
Travel and Study Abroad
Clery Act Training
o Trained as Campus Security
o Trained to report crime to UPD
o Trained on Prevention and
Awareness VAWA
o Provided Victim’s Rights,
Disciplinary and Sanctions
o Trained on Bystander Intervention
o Provided Risk Reduction Factors
o So what now?
Clery Reportable Criminal Offenses
Murder/Non-negligent Manslaughter
 Negligent Manslaughter
 Sex Assault
Statutory Rape
Aggravated Assault
Motor Vehicle Theft
Dating Violence
Domestic Violence
Crime is
reported by
Clery Core Geography - WTAMU
Travel and Study Abroad
 Non Campus Property
Repeated Use – a location that is used by students
“more than once in a calendar year or used in two
consecutive years”
Frequently Used by Students – a location that is used
by students “three or more consecutive nights”
Crime is reportable when:
Owned or controlled
 An arrangement to use, rent or
lease space with a written
 Overnight side trips when same
hotels/hostels are used on a
regular basis and meets one of the
FUBS/RU definitions
 Third-Party Provider
 Homestay
Travel and Study Abroad
 Third Party Provider
 Homestay Agreement
If the institution has a written agreement to contract
the arrangements for housing and classroom space for
a school sponsored trip (foreign or domestic travel) the
third-party provider is acting as a contractor on behalf of
the school.
Any wording in an application or agreement that
indicates WT is responsible for securing housing and
determining that housing requirements are fulfilled.
Not Reportable when
 Student applies for and makes all
housing arrangements
 Students attend a study abroad or
exchange program at institutions that
WT does not own or control
Meri Lyn Odell
Clery Coordinator
[email protected]