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Viewer Caution Advised!
The following presentation will forever change the way you will look at
wireless routers again!
The story that was…till yesterday
Existing Solutions for myriad Internet problems:
Wireless routers
Parental control solutions
Internet Security solutions
3G routers…
Different Needs – Different Solutions - for the
same audience!
The story today…
We present to you a new product • It’s revolutionary
• It’s a “first”
• And it’s going to be loved by its
And it is…
How did it all begin?
The year 2008…
….in homes and small offices!
War Driving
The “Internet Age”: Changing trends…
Multiple ‘net’ access devices
The ‘DIGITAL’ generation
‘OUR Internet’
‘MY Internet’
Result: Jittery parents!
What are they thinking?
• Easy access to Internet content unfit for kids’
• Unrestricted exposure to pornography,
violence, …
• Uncontrolled access to Facebook, Skype, chat…
• Lack of ways to monitor Internet activities of
• Threat of viruses, hackers on laptops, phones
and tablets
Were parents jittery everywhere?
Evaluating the need for a solution to these problems…
Unearthing the real problems of
Internet usage!
Getting in touch with users directly
500 people surveyed globally:
– Single income families
– Double income families
– IT and non-IT professionals
– Parents with kids in various agegroups
First-hand market inputs
• Are you concerned when your kids are surfing the Internet?
• What are your concerns when kids are online?
• How do you monitor online activities of kids?
• “Kids are exposed to violence”
• “Be-friend strangers online”
• “Too much time is wasted in chatting,
surfing online”
• “kids come across unwanted
information on the Internet”
Opportunity : HUGE!
Market : UNTAPPED!
Target Audience : NERVOUS!
Sitting up with the chisel in hand…
Defining its Identity – Giving it a NAME
A Home security guard on the
– NetCop
– NetWatch
– Cyberoam NetGuard
– Cyberoam HomeShield
A chaperone that guides users
on the Internet?
– Dolphin
– Escort
A strict cop that controls kids
A ‘mommie’ who keeps kids safe
on Internet?
– KidSafe
– Kiddocontrol
• Limitations?
• Gave feeling of a strict cop
• Contradicted our philosophy of a friendly Internet guide
The unanimous choice
Product philosophy: A Genie that • Is Magical
• Can do multiple things at the same time
• Makes Internet access fun
• Is a trusted friend and guide for families
The Engineering Team
joins in…
NetGenie’s Easy Deployment
True Plug-n-Play set up
– Give in the Internet feed…Power it up…You are online!
With ADSL / Cable Modem
NetGenie’s Easy Deployment
True Plug-n-Play set up
– Give in the Internet feed…Power it up…You are online!
Cable Internet
Problem 1: Securing the Wi-Fi
Step 6: Remember the
password every time
Problems with
other Wi-Fi Routers:
Step 5: Think of a
password and enter it
Step 4: Give a name to the SSID
Step 3: Go the Wi-Fi Menu
Step 2: Login into the Router
Step 1: Find IP
NetGenie’s Threat-free Wi-Fi
• Pre-set Wi-Fi security comes with a Network
Security Key at the bottom of the appliance
• No need for manual security settings
Easy, Secure Wi-Fi Connection with NetGenie
Problem 2: The “Router Phobia”
– Users scared to even touch
the appliance lest the
Internet stops working!
– They need to remember IP
– Dull, grey-shades of GUI look
discouraging to setup the
NetGenie’s Winsomeness
NetGenie’s Friendly Welcome
– Vibrant, colorful welcome page
– No need to remember IP to login
– Short-cut to many destinations like GUI,
Customer Portal
Intuitive GUI
– User-friendly, fresh and colorful
Problem 3: Keeping Kids safe online
Lack of awareness among parents on the right level of
Internet access to specific age-groups
Protecting kids from accidental exposure to
unsafe/adult content
Monitoring online activities of kids without intruding
their privacy
Limiting the endless surfing and chat sessions
Creating User Accounts in NetGenie
GUI avatars
make you smile!
Easy to
create users
Simplifying the Internet
Billions of websites and applications categorized into 70+ categories
But parents know only about their kids’ age!
Classifying 70+ categories into Age groups
Age-wise Internet Access to Kids on Single Click
Schedule and control surfing sessions with NetGenie
Helps parents control the Internet access duration
Features to set access duration on a daily and monthly
basis per user
Monitor online activities of kids with NetGenie
Helps parents monitor the
online activities of kids and
multiple other users without
intruding on their privacy
Problem 4: User experience of getting on
to the Internet
Difficulty in remembering username
A 5-year old kid cannot remember his password,
yet needs Internet access!
Bypass login for devices like personal phone,
Apple TV, and more
NetGenie’s user-friendly Authentication page
Kid <8
years need
not have
Usernames appear
with Avtaar that
users can identify
White list
devices to
login and
Cyberoam NetGenie- A Wireless N Router
Multiple devices used to access Internet
Cyberoam NetGenie is a Wireless N Router, offering:
– Greater Wi-Fi reach
– Faster Wi-Fi connectivity
Is backward compatible, interoperable with 802.11b/g devices
NetGenie’s Security offering to protect
online devices
Security of Firewall, in-built Anti-Virus, IPS
without need for manual settings
Protects multiple devices with regularly
updated security
No need to invest in separate AV and IPS
solutions for online protection
NetGenie’s 3G Readiness: Personal 3G device to
Family 3G device
Share Internet Connection of your USB Modem with multiple users
o Plug your USB broadband or 3G Modem to NetGenie
Cost-Effective utilization of your 3G Modem
Cyberoam NetGenie – For a truly secure Wi-Fi Home
Wireless N
3G Router
NetGenie’s protection extended to
Small Offices, Home Offices (SOHO)
NetGenie Designed for SOHO
Similar Internet usage concerns found in SOHO
• Unprotected Internet surfing
• Productivity loss due to uncontrolled Internet access
• Need of secure remote access to vendor office,
central office
• Bandwidth wastage – rising Internet bills!
Internet Controls for SOHO
Set Internet restriction
levels in a single click
Cyberoam NetGenie – For a truly secure Wi-Fi Office
Wireless N
3G Router
How NetGenie is superior than other routers?
o 1 Year appliance warranty
3 Year Security Subscription with Appliance
o Gateway Anti-Virus
o Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
o Content Filtering – Web Filtering, Application Filtering
o Free 3 months support – phone, email
A glimpse of the future NetGenie roadmap
Remote management using Central Portal
o NetGenie configuration on the move!
o Email alerts and reports
o One stop Internet guide for parents
And more…