A Tool for IT Service Management Process Assessment for

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Transcript A Tool for IT Service Management Process Assessment for

Process Assessments for
Continual Service Improvement
Professor Aileen Cater-Steel
University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba
and preferred research partner itSMF Australia
ITIL Lifecycle Stages and
•Seven Step Improvement process
Note: IT Infrastructure Library and
ITIL are Registered Trade Marks
of AXELOS Ltd.
Continual Service Improvement
CSI aims to deliver business value by
focussing on the realisation of benefits from
implementation of the Service Lifecycle
Continually measure the performance of the IT
service provider
and improve processes, IT services and IT
to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
Process Assessments
You can not inspect quality into a product
or service!
8 Quality Principles (ISO 9000):
Harold F. Dodge
1 – Customer focus
2 – Leadership
3 – Involvement of people
4 – Process approach
5 – System approach to management
6 – Continual improvement
7 – Factual approach to decision making
8 – Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
Deming Cycle:
plan, do, check, act
"Foundations of ITIL - 2011 edition", 2012 1st edn, Author Bernard, P,
published by Van Haren Publishing, Zaltbommel, Netherlands
Why assess processes?
To provide evidence of process capability or
organisational maturity to current and future
 For process improvement
Watts S Humphrey on assessment
If you don’t know where
you are, a map won’t help.
Important decisions
Which processes? Good, bad, ugly?
Internal self assessment or engage external
Which process reference frameworks?
 ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, CMMI-SVC, CobiT
Which process assessment model?
 ISO/IEC 15504, CMMI
Who should be involved?
 Assessment sponsor, process stakeholders:
 Process owners, process performers,
external process stakeholders
Process assessment approaches
ISO/IEC 15504 International Standard for
Process Assessment
RAPID method – one day with SPICE assessors
Online survey - Assessment Portal Pty Ltd SMPA
and UXC ITIL-based
TIPA – based on ITIL - from Henri Tudor
Research Institute (Tudor ITSM Process
ITIL Process Maturity Framework (PMF)
itSMF self-assessment questionnaires
ISO/IEC 15504 Capability Levels
Process Assessment Model
Based on ISO/IEC 15504 Process Assessment standard
Other considerations
Divergence between espoused, actual and
perceived process capability
 In group discussions, dominant individuals, peergroup pressure, group-think can cause inaccurate
 IT Service Manager can use assessment results to
justify allocation of resources from management
 After the assessment?
 Service Improvement Plan
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