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Mobile Platform To
Improve The Health
Of Kids, Teens,
And Families
Kurbo Story
Healthier and Happier Families
Using an Innovative Approach, Proven to Work
Kids reduced their
body mass index
Parents said their
families adapted
healthier habits
Reported higher
levels of happiness,
self esteem, and
lost weight
Meet Kurbo
The proven mobile health coaching and weightloss program that’s made for kids, teens and
families. Licensed from Stanford Children’s
Hospital and backed by 30 years of research.
Three Key Program Elements
Kurbo App
Kurbo Platform
Kurbo Coach
Designed for the whole
family to learn, track, and
monitor progress
Data Driven Platform that
creates responsive,
personalized messaging
Weekly video coaching
plus in-app chat from
the Kurbo Coach
Kurbo Health is Engaging
Tailored to meet
the needs of the
whole family
Proven Stanfordbased approach to
food tracking
Cognitive Behavioral
Techniques using
motivational interviews
and avatars
Gamification helps
kids stay engaged and
learn healthy habits
Supportive coaching
for the whole family
Child receives expert
guidance, emotional support
and positive feedback.
Parent receives advice and
feedback that improves the eating
habits of the entire family.
Current Partners
US Military Families
Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma
contracting / scheduling
Healthy Kids. Healthy Families.
[email protected] | | 5613450794