10 HR Annual Report

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Transcript 10 HR Annual Report

HR Annual Report

Lynn Lane Director of Human Resources January 2008 (Agenda item 10)

Change of Direction

 Moving the HR Directorate forward from Personnel to Strategic HRM  Providing pro-active HR Service delivered through systems and process aligned to Trust objectives

The Last Year ..

 Employment Services: • • • • • Review of expertise and capability within the existing team in order to change direction and focus from personnel to HR.

Change of service to managers from reactive to pro active Clearer focus, direction and management of all case load work eg disciplinaries, sickness absence, with clear action plans and timescales identified at the outset.

Service redesigns Management of employee relations activities

The Last Year ..

Strategic Workforce Development

• Establishing a comprehensive Trust-wide workforce strategy aligned with current operational and future strategic planning for the Trust • Scoping programme to meet EWTD 2009 • Input into workforce implications with SHA and PCT re Emergency care and Older workforce

The Last Year ..

Learning & Development Service

• • • • • Review of the service completed with alignment of provision to Trust objectives Key curriculum initiatives launched based on national occupational standards for staff bands 1-4 Management and Personal Effectiveness initiatives Review of management development programmes in order to deliver new training modules in 2008/09 Clinical Skills initiatives

The Last Year ..


• • •     Complete review of all recruitment and selection activity in order to improve service provision New Induction Scheme launched ESR Manager Self-Service successfully piloted Improved HR Reporting via Board and Quarterly Reviews Business case for electronic rostering approved Continued development of childcare services Completion of first phase of diversity training for all managers in the Trust

The Last Year ..

Medical Staffing

• • • • • • 20 new Consultants successfully recruited Administered the MMC (MTAS) recruitment for Medicine for the Peninsula Adminstered the MMC (MTAS) starters for RD&E Successfully re-banded 4 rotas for EWTD 2009 compliance, saving in excess of £250k Successfully upgraded 4 non-career grade doctors to Associate specialist and Staff Grade levels Commendation received from the Deanery for the contribution made to the Specialty Training recruitment

The Last Year ..

Occupational Health:

   •    Implementation of MMR vaccination for new healthcare workers Review of counselling activity Resources re-aligned to support new RD&E induction programme Offering OH assistance to local and national businesses Devon Partnership Trust contract continuing Ongoing discussion re proposals with Devon Primary Care Trust to manage Devon-wide provision of OH services Extension of services offered to the Faculty of Health & Social Work, University of Plymouth

The Future ..

Directorate Vision:

To deliver high quality, cost effective and professional services that make a real difference to the organisation.