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Chinese Brush
I am going to show you
the world of Chinese
brush painting!
You will know:
• How to hold and use the
special painting tool
• What the “four
gentlemen,” symbolize.
• Describe 4 characteristics
of Chinese brush painting
• Name 2 famous painters
Where do you want to go first?
Click on it!
Four Gentlemen
Characteristics Great Artists
What do Chinese people use
to write and paint?
• A brush made of animal’s hair
What does it look like?
Close Up
How do you hold it?
How do you paint with it?
• Pick up one of the
brushes at your
• Practice holding it
as a Chinese artist
would hold it• Now dip the brush
in ink and practice
making strokes on
There are 4 popular themes of Chinese
brush painting. These are known as the
--Four Gentlemen
1. Orchid
2. Bamboo
3. Chrysanthemum
4. Plum
Symbol of Spring
Means: Bright
promise , unity and
By Hu Leping (1955- )
Symbol of Summer
Means endurance,
flexibility and
By Xu Beihong (1895-1953)
Symbol of the
Means triumphant in
Life: Persistence,
Patience and
By Wu ChengShuo
Symbol of Winter
1.Secret promise of
renewal 2.Continuity
& Hardiness of Life
Click on the
speaker, and
listen to an
music called
By Yu Qinghai
In each of the paintings below, tell which of the
4 gentlemen is represented by stating the
season and naming symbol.
Characteristics of
Brush Painting I
It is an ancient art form
with more than 6,000 years
of history.
• Subjects: Any objects can
be drawn such as figures,
landscapes, buildings,
flowers, birds, animals,
insects and fish.
Characteristics of
Brush Painting II
• Seldom follows the convention of
central focus perspective or realistic
portrayal, gives the painter freedom
to better express his subjective
• Great artists were also great poets.
The poems on the painting express
the painter’s idea and emotions,
and also provide decorative beauty
to the painting.
True or False?
• Chinese brush painting began around
• Insects is a subject of Chinese brush
• Most of the Chinese brush paintings
are realistic portrayal.
• Poem is not a part of the Chinese
brush painting.
Click on the drawing!
This drawing was painted
thousands of years ago! Chinese
Painters believe, with only ink and
brush, you can paint anything!
Two artistic giants of the
20th century
• Qi Baishi injected his
painting with typical
Chinese farmer’s
tastes—simple, pure
and humorous.
• His favorite subjects-flowers, insects, birds,
landscapes and
human figures.
Qi Baishi(1863-1957)
Qi Baishi’s Painting--Calabashi
Qi Baishi’s Painting 2—
Old man and Peach
2nd Artistic
giant of the
20th century
• Xu Beihong
techniques from
Western painting.
• He was most
accurate in the
depiction of both
spirit and form.
Xu Beihong(1895~1953)
His was most famous for his painting of horses.
Quiz Time
Please write down your
answers and turn it in!
• What are the “four gentlemen” and
their meanings?
• Can you name 2 painters?
Bonus: Compare Chinese brush
painting with western oil paintings,
are there any differences?
The End
(Thank you)
Chinese Brush
Designed By Litao Wang
Educational Technology Masters Program
Texas A&M University, 2003
© All rights reserved