Qualitative Reading Inventory-5x - EDU320

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Transcript Qualitative Reading Inventory-5x - EDU320

Wanda L. Carter
EDU 320 Spring 2011
* Assesses reading ability at emergent through high school
* Provide information about:
1. Conditions under which students can identify words and
comprehend text successfully
2. Conditions that appear to result in unsuccessful word
identification or comprehension
-Use to identify students’ reading levels
-includes both expository and narrative passages at each level,
concept questions to assess prior knowledge, and word lists
-Can measure implicit and explicit questions
Focuses assessment on specific questions regarding word
identification, fluency, and comprehension
* Areas of concern:
Reading, written language,
math, content areas, and speech
* Susan is below grade level in all areas
* Interventions and /or accommodations in place
already: Susan is on an IEP. There are 5 goals
on her IEP.
* Background Information
* Student Behaviors
-IEP Information
-Primary Grades Survey
Interest Survey:
a. Who lives in your house?
b. What kinds of jobs do you have at home?
c. What is one thing you really like to do at home?
d. Do you have a bedtime on school nights?
e. Do you have a TV in your room?
f. When you make a new friend, what is
something that your friend ought to know
about you?
g. Do you know somebody that is a good reader?
What makes that person a good reader? Are
you a good reader?
-Can distinguish illustrations
from print
-Can point to the end of the
-Can point to a specific word
on request
-Concept Questions
-Cold Read
-Explicit and Implicit
* Level: Pre-Primer 1
* “I Can”
* Concept Questions-Score:
1/12= 8%
* Number of Total Miscues (Total Accuracy): 8
* Number of Meaning-Change Miscues (Total
Acceptability): 8 (Frustration)
* Similar Letter-sound patterns: 2/8= 25%
* Meaning-change miscues: 8/8= 100%
* Corrected meaning-change miscues: 0
* Non-meaning-change miscues: 0
* Corrected non-meaning change miscues: 0
* Total Accuracy: 78% (Frustration)
Acceptability: 78% (Frustration)
* WPM: 14
CWPM: 11
* Number of ideas recalled= 6/12= 50%
* Number Correct Explicit: 5 Number of
Correct Implicit: 0 (Independent)
* Goal would be to move Susan from
emergent reading to beginning
* She will need many opportunities to
see and experiment with written
* Choral recitation and finger point
memory reading with predictable
* Encourage to write.
* Guided reading and independent
reading daily. Struggling readers
only get better with practice
* Interventions on sight words in
* Words Their Way would be beneficial
for Susan. This would give Susan
hands-on opportunities to
manipulate word features.
* Needs help with background
Susan has a sense of humor
and an eagerness to learn
knowledge. This would help
her to be better prepared to
understand what she is
* Comprehension
* Easily distracted or off taskbreak tasks into smaller
segments or give frequent
* Build her interest in reading.
Give her lots of successful
experiences reading.
* Needs books in her zone of
proximal development.
Teacher needs to model
reading with expression.