French Student Scholar Showcase 2014

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Transcript French Student Scholar Showcase 2014

Exposition mondiale de Paris 1900
Lynchburg College French students participate
2014 Scholar Showcase
The Grand Palais, built
in the Neo-Baroque
and Art Nouveau
styles, was constructed
for the fair. Its vast
space included exhibits
of sculpture, a track for
horse shows, and a
motor show during the
eight months of the
Millie Walker
The world-famous
Ringling Bros. Barnum
Bailey circus was
present at the fair and
featured remarkable
acts and exhibits that
gave visitors a once in
a lifetime experience.
April Love
Edgar Degas’ painting
were on exhibit along
with the other great
Impressionists. He is
best known for his
ballet dancers, theatre
scenes, and horses at
the racetrack.
Erin Sinski
One of the great
attractions of the fair
was la Grande Roue, a
gigantic “ferris” wheel
that was one of the
outstanding attractions
of the event and was the
largest ever constructed.
Hannah Gage
The paintings of
Claude Monet, father
of Impressionism,
were featured in the
largest exhibit of
modern painting
every assembled.
Sierra Spicer
One of Paris’ most
luxurious hotels today,
Hôtel Régine was built
for the fair on the site
of the Louvre Palace
royal stables. It’s Art
Nouveau style is still
appreciated and the
well-to-do still enjoy
its atmosphere, its
Emily Moore
Jacques Perrin is a
French filmmaker with a
special interest in nature
and ecology. His
documentary Oceans
received international
acclaim along with his
film which is a study of
the insect world,
Microcosmos. He is a
talented actor and
played a role in
Christophe Barratier’s
film, Les Choristes.
Shoyeong Kim
A project looking at
the César Awards,
especially the history
of the awards, their
creation, and the
process of selection
and awarding.
Christine Swett
Landscapes, still life,
and portraits by Paul
Cezanne were shown
at the fair and drew
large crowds who
appreciated his unique
style and extraordinary
use of colors.
Zach Marquart
The head of the Statue
of Liberty was on
display at the fair. In
the final stages of
assembly, this
remarkable creation by
Eiffel and the Italian
sculptor, Bartholdi, was
a gift to the United
States to commemorate
its 100th birthday.
Seth Perry
The French had long
enjoyed carousels and
were known for the
elaborate artwork that
decorated them. During
the fair the music from
the carousels added to
the joyful atmosphere
among the crowds.
Traditionally, the
carousels were
populated with horses,
but other animals were
featured as well.
Josh Perry
Alice Guy and other
women pioneers in film
making, made great
contributions to the
early industry and were
perhaps overlooked by
history as the focus was
on the male film
Melanie Armstrong
Two brothers, Auguste and
Louis Lumière, developed
the first moving picture
projectors and organized the
first public showing of a
movie in a café in Paris in
1895. Their experimentation
led to the success of film
making as an art form.
Tori Travers
World War I & II are
superbly depicted in
the films, Joyeux Noël,
based on a true story
from WW I, Au revoir
les enfants, a story of
Jewish students hidden
in a boys school in
France, and Bon
Voyage, starring Gérard
Depardieu, about the
German occupation of
Paris and the mass
exodus to Bordeaux.
Emily Davis
Rudoph Diesel,
inventor and engineer,
developed an engine
that did not require oil.
At the unveiling of his
engine he introduced it
with the words “ladies
and gentlemen—
Peanut Oil”. Diesel
sought to built an
engine available to the
every day man that
freed him from
dependence on the oil
industry. He took
home the Grand Prixthe most prestigious
prize awarded.
Ethan Owens
The Petit Palais, built for
the fair, provided space
for exhibits of art and is
appreciated today for its
Art Nouveau style of
architecture and its
colonnade of pink
Shari Sites
The United States’
contribution to the fair,
le Pavillon des EtatsUnis, included a building
resembling the Capitol
and featured colonades
adorned with the
goddess of Liberty, and a
triumphal arch with a
statue of George
Hannah Cooke
The French began
experimenting with
hot air balloons in the
late 18th century so
was a popular part of
the fair. Eugène
Mercier, a champagne
merchant, engaged an
elegant balloon that
was tethered near the
Eiffel Tower. Visitors
could ascend above
the crowds while
tasting various
champagnes. An
telescope attached to
the gondola provided
remarkable views from
Ashley Boyd
The paintings of
Claude Monet,
father of
were featured in
the largest exhibit
of modern painting
every assembled.
Grace Fielder
One of the most
elaborate exhibits from
foreign nations was le
Village suisse. A
complete village was
created with a variety
of craftsmen making
cheeses, making wood
carvings, etc. A stroll
through the exhibit was
like visiting a charming
town such as Bern or
Elliot Rentenbach
Watch videos taken during the event, some of
which were taken by Thomas Edison.