Educator Preparation Programs Fact Book

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Transcript Educator Preparation Programs Fact Book

Open Access to Assessment Data
for Informed Decision Making
Dr. Debbie Gober
Dr. Sallie Miller
Session Introduction
This presentation will describe a
successful practice developed by
Columbus State University to
systematize and institutionalize the
collection, summary, and evaluation of
data to inform decision making.
Development of an Integrated Database
Collecting and Reporting Data
—Online Educator Preparation Programs Fact Book
College of Education Integrated Database
Reports by Term
enrollment by race
enrollment by county
enrollment by class
enrollment by gender
transfer student
number applied for
enrollment in student
number admitted to
teacher education
average GPA
average CAAP scores
average age
average Praxis I/GACE
average Praxis II/GACE
average CPE scores
average hours enrolled
SAT/ACT averages
College of Education Menu
Year End Reports
Provide summary information about graduates for a
designated fiscal year which includes:
number of graduates
race, gender, and average GPA of the graduates
average Praxis II and GACE scores
Performance Evaluations
Evaluations completed online
Individual or group reports generated
Collecting and Reporting Data
Online Educator Preparation Programs Fact Book
Purpose and Use
Collecting and Reporting Data
What is the purpose? Why are we
collecting and reporting this data?
How does the agency requesting the
data use it?
Are the data collected and reported
used by the institutions? If so, how?
What is the purpose?
Why are institutions of higher education
collecting and reporting the data?
American Association of Colleges for Teacher
Education, Professional Education Data System
(PEDS Report): Reporting is a member
Institution and Program Report Card: Reporting
is a Federal Requirement.
How is the information used by the agency
requesting it?
The AACTE PEDS database is used
for data requests from member
institutions, policymakers, and
state departments of education.
Are institutions of higher education using the data
that are collected and reported? If so, how?
Think about how your institution uses the
data collected and reported to the various
In the Educator Preparation Programs Fact
Book, we aggregate data for the unit and
each program.
The data are compiled annually by the
Assessment Coordinator and presented in
the College’s Educator Preparation Programs
Fact Book.
Information in the Fact Book is reviewed and
discussed by faculty during the annual Fall
Retreat. The data presented are considered in
planning and decision making, at both the
program and unit levels.
The Professional Education Data System Report (PEDS) is an important source
for the Online Fact Book. We are especially pleased that this year the data will
be more current with the two-year catch-up reporting.
Educator Preparation Programs Fact Book
Educator Preparation Transition Points (Gates 1 – 7)
Initial Program Transition Points
Gates 1-4
Advance Program Transition Points
Gates 5-7
Gate 1
Entry to Teacher Education
Gate 5
Entry to Advance Degree Program
GPA at Entry, EDUC 2130 or EDUF 2215
Undergraduate GPA, GRE Scores
Gate 2
Entry to Student Teaching
Gate 6
Exit from Advance Degree Program
GPA, Content Course Grades, MAP,
GPA, GMAP, Dispositions, Exit Exam
or Research Project
Gate 3
Exit from Initial Program
Gate 7
One Year Follow-up for Advance
Degree Completers
GPA, MAP, Dispositions, GACE Scores
Gate 4
Induction for Graduate Initial Certification
Alumni Survey, Employer Survey
Alumni Survey, Employer Survey
Educator Preparation Programs Fact Book
Online Fact
Book TOC Excerpt
Educator Preparation Programs Fact Book
Audience Participation
How is your institutions using
the data that is being collected
and reported to various agencies?