Alex Shvartsman, DDS, FAGD Smithtown, New York

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Transcript Alex Shvartsman, DDS, FAGD Smithtown, New York

Alex Shvartsman, DDS, FAGD
Smithtown, New York
 Compassion
 Comfort
 Exceptional
 Empathy
 Kindness
 Appreciation
 Professionalism
Our primary focus is to provide dental care with unsurpassed
comfort and exceptional customer service. Patients will feel a
difference the moment the walk trough our doors, through out their
treatment and as they leave. This will be reflected in our décor,
amenities, music and smells, techniques and technology.
What will set us apart from other dental offices is that we will
consistently exceed the dental care, and customer service
expectations of our patients. Each patient deserves our focused
attention and best efforts to make their experience one that stands
far above the norm. Our practice depends on the success of these
Establishing long lasting bonds with our patients through
personalized interaction, friendliness, empathy compassion and
kindness is the foundation of our practice. This will keep them
coming back and refer their friends and family.
As our dental office looks into 2005 and beyond
we will be the premier provider of comfortable
dental services in the Smithtown area.
By the year 2007, when people think of a dental
office where they will receive the most
comfortable dental care and be treated with
exceptional customer service, they will think of
the dental office of Dr. Shvartsman and his staff.