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“ A value driven technology company
Gateway TechnoLabs
that understands business”
Vision Statement
“Consistently deliver ingenious, comprehensive, efficient, costeffective Business solutions through IT for global market by creating
a Professionally stimulating and happy environment for our team
where Professionals thrive alongside the growth of our company.”
Mission Statement
“Skillfully applying the most sought-after, fast-growing
pertinent Technology to yield total solutions in the most critical
business areas. When performance speaks we wouldn’t want
words to interrupt.”
Fact Sheet
Founded in 1997 as a small company with a big vision.
Maintained a phenomenal growth over the years.
Achieved total financial stability since inception and grown solely based on internally generated
Consistent record of over 80% of business coming from repeat customers.
Spotless delivery record of over 350+ successful project deliveries since 1997.
Technology partners with more than 40 software product companies globally and partner with
over 30 software development houses across the globe.
A dedicated team of over 180 brilliant software professionals.
• A bold beginning: Small Company. Big Vision.
• Core Activity: Database Applications Development.
• 270% Quantum leap in turnover & growth.
• Establishes itself into Computer Academics:
Associations with C-DAC.
• Software Development capacities expanded.
• Undertakes major projects from giant PSUs.
• Focus on Software development for Residential
Technology, Embedded and Low-level programming and
Data Security Solutions.
• Gateway Team evolves as a 100-strong IT
• Focuses on Internet Technology.
• Tie-ups with companies in USA, UK, The Netherlands
& Singapore.
• Investment were made to setup a fully equipped
software development facility. Added 6000 sq feet of
additional office space.
• Merger of Ebosys Technologies Pvt Ltd.
• We became offshore product development and
support service provider for over 25 product
companies globally.
• Preferred Offshore Product Development Partner for
40+ product companies worldwide.
• New partners identified in the US, UK, Belgium & France.
• Developer strength up by 50%.
• Revenues up 100%.
• We further added 10000 sq. feet office space and setup
a R&D unit in the company.
• Capabilities, know-how & expertise on par with
international IT paradigms.
• Infrastructure, personnel quality and R&D abreast
with global benchmarks.
• Joint venture with NINtec B.V., The Netherlands.
• 200% growth in turnover
• Forayed into other International markets like Denmark
and consolidation in New Zealand.
• Establishment of 100% EOU for the software development.
Total Office Area: 20,000 sq. ft. of total office space.
Hardware Infrastructure: 180+ workstations for software
development, testing and support facilities.
Internal Training Facilities: In-house staff training facility to train
up to 50 people at a time with LCD Projector (beamer), and other
interactive tools.
Internet Connectivity: A dedicated leased line for all our
development facility supported by a backup broadband cable link
incase the leased line fails.
Dedicated Servers for application Hosting, Testing and Client
presentation: we have co-location servers with one of the best
data center in USA having multiple OC3 connectivity and all the
latest Firewall installed.
Communication Infrastructure: Facility for video conferencing/
24 x 7 VOIP calling for onsite-offsite-client team coordination
Contingency and Disaster Recovery: An offsite location with 30
seat capacity has been created for any kind of eventuality should
the main center be rendered unusable. Power supply at the main
center as well as the offsite location have inbuilt redundancies.
Worldwide Clientele/Partners
Service Offerings
Application Development:
Gateway has successfully completed and delivered over
200+ innovative application development projects
globally by adopting flexible and scalable architectures
that ensure 24x7 Business availability and reduced
development cycle times.
Application Management:
Gateway’s Application Management service provides its clients
high value and quality support and maintenance services by
operating on a continually improving service model based on
advanced processes'.
Offshore Software Product Development:
Since 1997, Gateway has helped 40 established and startup
software product companies get their products to the market
faster in cost effective manner. We have provided a lot of cost
effective value addition to the overall product management
process, right from the conceptualization to development to beta
testing to launch to post launch support and maintenance.
User Interface Enhancement:
The technology is moving fast and there are several options and
interfaces available through which the users can interact with
the current applications. Improving or Enhancing the Interface
entails moving the core application as is, and building wrapper
systems around it. This is useful when one is interested in
Considering some technology up gradation, while not disturbing
the basic environmental framework.
Legacy Migration:
Gateways migration team understands how critical it is to adopt
new technology and keep current applications in place. Legacy
Migration is an opportunity to align business processes more
closely with new IT capabilities.
Software Development Methodology
Project Outsourcing Methodology
On the basis of requirements of Client, our project outsourcing methodology is initiated
in one of these ways:
Project Outsourcing Methodology:
When Client has long-term requirements for project development, which needs
estimation assessment and approval from Client side.
Project Alteration Methodology:
In case of any alterations on the project already implemented, we deal with Client on this
Fixed Cost Project Methodology:
In case of short term projects, which need not require process for estimation, approval for
implementation or having fixed cost for development we deal on this methodology.
Business Model
Why Gateway?
Modest sized company
Modest sized projects with clear scope & deliverables
Preference for small-medium clients wherein our role can make a tremendous impact
on success
Competitive pricing& risk sharing (dedicated model, incentive model, royalty model)
Speed & agility (response time)
Aggressive – no cure no pay models!
Local language, local culture, local responsibility, local guarantee, global quality, Indian
Benefits of ODC with Gateway
By having Gateway as your Offshore Development Center (ODC) you can gain following
Exploit the Time Zone Advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour development cycle.
Utilization of India’s abundant English speaking IT talent at economical rates.
Drastically reduce operating costs.
Gain access to world-class software engineering skills
Share the risks involved in development
Seek resources not available in-house.
Finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff
Free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects.
Gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project.
Localize existing software for use in other countries & markets.
Global Presence
Consistent growth & performance.
Quick turnaround time.
Proven offshore outsourcing model.
180+ skilled IT professionals
Proximity to skilled manpower source.
350 + satisfied Clients Globally
Multi-cultural & Multi–location understanding.
State-of-the-art infrastructure.
Established work execution & delivery process.
Contact Details
Thanks for being with us. For any further correspondence we will be
available at:
8th Floor, Corporate House, Judges Bungalow Road, Bodak Dev,
Ahmedabad - 380054.
Tel: +91 79 2685 2554/ 55/ 56
Fax: +91 79 2685 8591
Email: [email protected]
MSN ID: [email protected]
Yahoo ID: [email protected]
ICQ ID: 118776521
Contact Person: Mr. Niraj Gemawat
Managing Director
Gateway Group of Companies