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LizardTech Geospatial Products
April, 2010
LiDAR Compressor
• Compress point cloud data to MrSID Generation 4
• Lossless
• 25% of the original size
• Some datasets can be compressed to 15% or
smaller of their original size
• Lossy
• Performs lossless compression first
• Points are decimated to achieve target file size
LiDAR Compressor benefits
• Rapid viewing
• Easily manage your entire point cloud
• MrSID Generation 4 LiDAR files are supported in:
ESRI ArcGIS 3D Analyst
Merrick MARS® 6.0
Global Mapper 11.0
LizardTech GeoViewer
• More to come soon!
• Easy to use
• Minimal training required
LiDAR Compressor
GeoExpress 7
Compression without compromise
Visually lossless at 5% of the original file size
Digitally lossless at 50% of the original file size
100 MB GeoTIFF
GeoExpress 7
Your choice of output image format:
Industry standard
Unlimited file sizes
Lossless compression
JPEG 2000
 ISO standard
 Unlimited file sizes
 Lossless compression
 Multispectral images
 Profiles
GeoExpress 7
Images load and display faster
100 MB GeoTIFF (3 seconds)
5 MB MrSID (< 1 second)
GeoExpress 7
Supported in almost every major GIS application
 Bentley
 Autodesk
 Intergraph
 MapInfo
 Google Earth
and many, many others …
GeoExpress 7
Image Reprojection
• Reproject imagery to over 2000 pre-defined systems
• Easily define, save, and share custom coordinate systems for later use
• Mosaic images from multiple coordinate systems
UTM Zone 10N
GeoExpress 7
Color Balancing
• Automatically or manually balance images
• Automatically correct vignette and tilt
• Automatically smooth seam lines
GeoExpress 7
• “Despeckling” tools in GeoExpress 7
• Compress “collar” areas of imagery losslessly
• Retain color values
• No speckling
• Apply to old datasets to clean up edges
Before despeckling…
…and after despeckling
Express Server
•Rapidly deliver large datasets of raster imagery to any
device – ever over low bandwidth connections
•Satisfy more image requests faster
•Increase the speed of delivery without any additional
investment in hardware or bandwidth
•Easy to set up and easy to administer
Express Server
•Works with existing image servers
•View your maps up to 25 times faster than with ArcGIS
Server or ArcGIS Image Server alone
•Serves imagery to most GIS applications
•Work with remote datasets hundreds of gigabytes in size
right on your desktop
•WMS Support delivers imagery to any WMS client
Customer sites
Historic Aerials
New Jersey Orthophoto Repository
North Carolina OneMap
Spatial Express
• Store MrSID and JPEG 2000 imagery in
Oracle Spatial
• Save storage space
• Use just 5% of the normal space required for
• Easily viewable
• View imagery in nearly any application via WMS
using LizardTech Express Server
• Viewable in packages built with Oracle GeoRaster