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CVR No: 34540535
Almighty Allah has given us opportunity in shape of Madina-tul-Ilm (MTI)
Education Center to provide Houza Education in Europe and elementary
Islamic knowledge to local community.
MTI established on Thursday July 19, 2012 with the blessings of Allah and
endless efforts and commitment from Moulana Mureed Hussain Naqvi.
MTI Objectives
To provide a platform for new generation to learn Quran, Islamic fiqh, Aqaid,
Ahkam and practices
To reduce socio-cultural gaps of new generation
To enlighten linguistic need (Urdu, Persian and Arabic)
To tie up the upcoming generation with their roots (home land)
To promote closer ties, relations, unity, and cooperation among Muslims residing
in the Copenhagen
To develop better relations and understanding between Muslims and nonMuslims.
MTI Faculty Members
Molana Mureed Hussain Naqvi
Head of the Madina-tul-Ilm Education Center
Masters in Islamic Studies and Arabic, Dars-e-Kharij
Khanum Masuma Naqvi
Master in Islamic Studies
Subject: Ahkaam & Aqaid
Masters in Computer Sciences
Subject: Aqaid, Urdu & Quran
Syed Najam Abbas
Masters in Islamic Studies and
Subject: Urdu Language
Syeda Noreen Taqi
Masters in Islamic Studies and Arabic
Subject: Quran, Ahkam & Aqaid
Molana Hadi Hassan
Syed Ali Sajjad Naqvi
Subject: Aqaid & Quran
MTI Milestones
Students enrollment: 61 students including 14 houza students from different countries
Hostel facility for houza students
Full time study modules for houza students and weekend classes for local community
Credential from Al-Mustafa International University Qom and Wifaq-ul-Madaris Pakistan
Launch of MTI official website ( )
Face book page created
Monthly lectures (Dars-e-Ikhlaq) by renowned Islamic scholars from different countries
Establishment of Islamic library in house
Publishing monthly e-news letters
Students Activities
Educational Trip to Iran (3-6 Months)
Recreational Summer Trips
Quiz competition of students
Weekly debate activities
On-Going Projects
Madina-tul-Ilm Educatin Center (Houza)
Hussainia Zahra Imam Bargah to perform religious practices, 5 time prayers and Friday prayer
MTI Hostel for Houza student having capacity for 100 students
To fulfill the requirement for above projects MTI purchased a place 1800 m2 included 400 m2
covered area. The place has the value 1.1 million USD, the amount $ 300,000 has been paid by
MTI and the rest of the amount still remains payable, which is due over 12 months
MTI estimate, there is cost about 1 million USD more for the construction plan of student hostel
and premises to be used for teaching facilities.
These projects can not get anywhere without all Momineens help. Therefore we request you to
Join Us.
Join Us
Donation can be submitted from Denmark
Danske Bank
Reg No: 1551
Account No: 11144608
In case of donation from abroad.
IBAN: DK2730000011144608
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