Grade 7 Novel Study The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter

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Transcript Grade 7 Novel Study The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter

Grade 7
Novel Study
The Crazy Man
by Pamela Porter
The Crazy Man
Reasons why this is a great book to do
a Novel study with:
•Quick read
•Style of writing (free verse)
•Great themes/issues explored
•Literary devices all throughout
•1st person narrative
•A great story with a Canadian setting
•Great visual imagery
The Crazy
Without reading the ‘blurb’ on the back cover,
please make a prediction about what this novel
will be about.
Write your answer in your Novel Study
(Perhaps some clues on the cover or the title itself might give
you some inspiration/ideas.)
The Crazy Man
Questions for discussion...
Who is narrating the story?
Why would a writer choose a free verse style to write a
story like this?
Is this style easier to read or harder? (Always support your
opinion with reasons.)
As we read this novel, I want you to be on the lookout for
common literary devices which we’ll be learning about.
The Crazy Man
Tasks: To be completed in class and then finished at home if
necessary. Please complete in booklet form, with a cover page (that
includes your name, novel name, illustration, due date, etc.)
1. Select any two of the many visually descriptive passages from the
novel and draw a picture to represent each. Be sure to include the
caption under the picture. (white paper provided)
2. Find examples in the novel of the common literary devices we
have been examining. (When you find one, copy the section of
text and tell what it is an example of.)
3. Make two lists. One list will include the things Emaline knew about
her Dad and the other will include what she knew about Angus the
‘Crazy man’.
The Crazy Man
Complete the following in your Novel Study scribbler during the class
time provided.
4. Was Angus crazy? (Explain your answer!)
5. What would you have done with Harry if you were the judge?
6. Write a 1 paragraph response to the novel. (In-Class)
- proper paragraph structure…
- do not Retell… use the other 2 Rs (Relate, Reflect)
7. Find 1 example from the text of what you would consider to be a
‘power’ sentence. Copy it. Why did you select it?
Include #8 in your booklet!!
8. What are some of the themes (issues/lessons) that were learned through the
story about ‘The Crazy Man’? Describe a couple. (Don’t worry, we’ll discuss in class to
help one another!)
* And, we can’t really fully answer this question until we finish the book.)
(Really Got It!)
(Got it!)
(Not yet!
Nearly There!)
(Not yet!)
In-depth knowledge and understanding of content and
concepts. Able to extend the application of related
Competent knowledge and understanding of content
and concepts. Appropriate application of the related
Developing knowledge and understanding of content
and concepts. Developing in the application of the
related skills.
Limited knowledge and understanding of content and
concepts. Limited application of related skills.
Outcome SCO 4.3 read widely and experience a variety of young adult fiction and
literature from different provinces and countries (Participation during the reading
of the novel)
Outcome SCO 9.2 recognize that a writer’s choice of form is influenced by purpose
and audience. (This novel has an interesting style/form of writing and uses lots of
literary devices!) (Was able to locate and provide examples!)
Outcome SCO 6.3 find evidence and examples in texts to support personal views,
themes, and situations (Theme is often a challenge…morals/lessons/issues learned)
Outcome SCO 9.3 demonstrate an understanding that ideas can be represented in
more than one way (Illustrations to show visual imagery/descriptive writing)
The Crazy
Question 3
 Don’t judge by appearances
* This also raises the issue of stereotypes!
- Dad
 Adversity – bumps along life’s road that make us
 issues of Abuse
stronger, build character.
 abandonment issues
 Mental Health issues – stereotypes
- how we treat others
- depression
 New Beginnings
- Mrs. T and every day is a fresh start
- old dog…. new dog
- one door closes, another opens