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Paul Auster
Mr. Vertigo
Title: Mr. Vertigo
Author: Paul Auster
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ISBN: 0140241302
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Paul Auster, the New York Times-bestselling author of The New York Trilogy presents a
dazzling, picaresque novel set in the late 1920s – the era of Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh, and
Al Capone. Walter Claireborne Rawley, renowned nationwide as "Walt the Wonder Boy," is a
Saint Louis orphan rescued from the streets by a mysterious Hungarian Jew, Master Yehudi,
who teaches Walt to walk on air. Master Yehudi brings Walt into a Kansas circus troupe
consisting of Mother Sioux and Aesop, a young black genius. The vaudeville act takes them
across a vast and vibrant country, through mythic Americana where they meet and fall prey to
sinners, thieves, and villains, from the Kansas Ku Klux Klan to the Chicago mob. Walt's rise to
fame and fortune mirrors America's own coming of age, and his resilience, like that of the
nation, is challenged over and over and over again.
Insightful reviews
Agnes Fontana: J'avais une petite prévention à lire Paul Auster, me disant que c'était sans
doute un "grand auteur" qu'il était convenu d'apprécier pour faire "je connais la littérature
américaine"... quelle erreur !! M.Vertigo est un livre d'une originalité folle, dont l'acriture ne
ressemble à aucune autre. Un petit orphelin déjà semi délinquant est recueilli par Maître
Yehudi, un Juif à la fois surnaturel et pathétique qui a décelé ses dons et va lui apprendre à
voler, non sans le faire passer par toutes sortes de phases et d'épreuves, avant de faire le lui
une bête de scène... Alors après on peut se dire que l'épisode du début devrait rester central au
lieu de se noyer sous la suite, que l'histoire rebondit et recommence trop de fois, le héros
tournant le dos à son passé sans jamais le quitter vraiment, mais c'est peut-être ça, l'Amérique,
et c'est peut-être ça, la vie...
Elsje: Het verhaal
Het is 1927, Saint Louis. Het straatschoffie Walt ontmoet een intrigerende man op straat die
belooft hem te zullen leren vliegen als Walt met hem meegaat. Hoewel Walt daar geen bal van
gelooft, is het vooruitzicht van avontuur voor hem voldoende om met deze Master Yehudi mee
te gaan.
Ergens op het platteland van Kansas krijgt Walt zijn onderricht. In het huis zijn ook de Indiaanse
Mother Sue (Sioux) en de zwarte gehandicapte jonge man Aesop. Tegen hen twee is Master
Yehudi aardig, maar tegen Walt is hij hardvochtig. Ongelofelijke gruwelen laat hij Walt
ondergaan. En als die weg probeert te lopen, is daar op miraculeuze wijze altijd weer Master
Maar dan opeens kan Walt inderdaad vliegen! Het is direct afgelopen met de gruwelen. Master
Yehudi wordt zijn grote beschermer, zeker als de Klu Klux Klan het huis overvallen en Mother
Sioux en Aesop omkomen. De eerste optredens van Walt gaan voorspoedig: de mensen weten
niet wat ze zien! Voor Walt the wonder boy lijkt een grootse toekomst te weggelegd. Tot hij op
een dag geveld wordt door een mysterieuze hoofdpijn die te maken lijkt te hebben met het
vliegen. Er is één klein kansje dat hij weer zou kunnen vliegen: als hij zich zou laten castreren.
Dat doet hij toch maar niet...
In de zoektocht naar een nieuw doel in zijn leven komt hij via het maffiosen-mileu uiteindelijk in
rustiger vaarwater, van waaruit hij zijn memoires optekent die hij aan zijn neef, Daniel Quinn, zal
Een wat oudere roman van Paul Auster (uit 1994), waar ik enthousiast over ben. Een mooi
verhaal en gelukkig komt Daniel Quinn ook langs (joepie!). Alleen mist het de gelaagdheid die
wel in bv Travels in the scriptorium, Oracle night of New York Trilogy. En die maken dat voor mij
de boeken van Auster nou juist nét dat beetje extra hebben om een vijf-sterrenstatus te kunnen
krijgen. Daarom: vier sterren.
Alex: I'm not sure how I feel about this book yet so I hope that writing a review will help. From
what I can tell there are two things going on. First, it's a story about a boy who learns how to fly.
Meet Walter: a begging, thieving, loudmouth little rascal. Austere uses Walter to narrate his
story, constructing his story as a fictional memoir . What makes the book interesting is what
makes Walter interesting -- that he can fly. Flight becomes Walter's passion and purpose in life
-- the story chronicles how this comes to be.
Within this memoir lives another story - a portrait - of the midwest, of Major League Baseball,
the KKK and Chicago. Did I care about these asides? The truth is, not really. I cared at points
because of how much Walter loved the game of baseball, and because the KKK directly
affected Walter but the overall affect and allegory people often cite with this book, I was not with
I enjoyed the first half of the book. This is where the interesting stuff happened for me. Walter
undergoes a transformation from boy to man. Auster focuses on process: circling and aptly
nailing the nature of discipline and concentration. It's about letting go of everything but what
matters most -- and this struck a chord. Specifically within these pages of transformation failure
is detailed just as much as success. These are the notes and chords I like. Maybe I'm a sucker
for platitudes but I can relate to the idea that sacrifice and failure are not only important
components of growth but necessary ones -- Walter's growing talent seems a living breathing
merger of breakthroughs and triumphs with sacrifice and failiure.
After flight; after vivid descriptions of the process, I think the story should have ended. Where do
you go with a story centered around the transformation of a character after he's transformed? I
guess you watch him transform some more. But the transformations of character in the second
half of the books seem less driven and necessary.
Marcelo: Fantastic. I learn this in a single sitting. Auster writes a delusion of America's progress
within the twentieth century with out wasting sight of giving us an excellent story. by means of
the end, i wanted it can carry on going.
Peter: I first learn Mr Vertigo within the nineties, yet deciding on it up back lately and analyzing
the 1st web page i used to be absolutely hooked. (Coincidentally guy on cord used to be on
television the opposite day and they're virtually an identical tales instructed in several mediums.)
Mr Vertigo has the most effective commencing strains ever: ‘I used to be twelve years outdated
the 1st time I walked on water. the fellow within the black outfits taught me tips to do it and I’m
unlikely to faux I discovered the trick overnight…’It is the tale of Walter Rawley ‘Walt the
Wonderboy’ – a wise mouthed orphan at the streets of 1930’s St Louis and likewise our
narrator for this fantastical out of date tall-tale. at the first actual web page he's taking up with
the mysterious magician and showman grasp Yehudi who makes him a deal that: ‘If I haven’t
taught you to fly by means of your 13th birthday you could chop my head off with an axe.’ (this
can be an grand hook line for the 1st web page of a book.) the remainder of the tale chronicles
his adventures because the grasp teaches him to fly and so they move on a vaudeville journey
of the USA that begins in triumph and results in disaster.This first portion of the booklet the
place Walt is studying to fly is completely engrossing, and gorgeous center within the mouth
writing virtually nearly as good as you think the 1st flight is for Walt. It’s an outstanding mixture
of magic realism and Huck Finn and that i love the truth that Walt has to place himself via such
hardships on the way to in achieving his goal, it offers the tale a gritty area in preference to the
airy-fairy flying of Peter Pan. but there's nonetheless a feeling of a tender child’s ask yourself
and mind's eye in a global the place something is feasible when you think it really is and this is
often combined with the tough realities of the time – the racism, crime, poverty and the Wall
highway crash, albeit a few of these impression Walt greater than others.The moment (and
much less interesting) 1/2 the ebook chronicles Walt’s existence as a grown up first as an
incredible shot gangster after which because the ordinary everyman with ups and downs. it is
just as an previous guy that he's ultimately capable of come to phrases together with his failure
and successes as a man or woman and contemplate his childhood. i discovered the final part
very relocating particularly Walt’s final recommendations on what people are able of. i assume
his flight is a metaphor for the peak of human achievements, studying a ability to any such
excessive skill that you simply go beyond the mundane and it turns into chic and enlightening,
what it really is prefer to lose that skill – that brilliance and comprehend that you're simply an
ordinary Joe like all people else, yet how there's continually a chance, despite the fact that slim,
to regain it in case you believe.
Darin Strachan: i purchased this e-book greater than 15 years in the past yet this used to be the
single fiction paintings of Paul Auster's that I by no means completed. i attempted interpreting it
two times long ago and not complete it. I enable it sit down on my bookshelf to attempt back
sometime. The time eventually got here and that i eventually learn to the end.The ebook is
written from the point of view of a guy in retrospect on his existence - as a rule his formative
years - and recollecting the fantastical occasions he experienced. might be letting this ebook sit
down on my shelf was once wanted for me to eventually delight in it.
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