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Setting Objectives:
Where’s WALT?
Classroom Instruction That Works
Christine Debrossy, Jennifer Fischer, Lori Montone, and Cathy Nee
Today’s WALTs
• WALT assess how we set our own
learning targets.
• WALT identify ways that we can
better use WALT in the classroom.
Assessing Ourselves
Please take five minutes to
complete the self-assessment
for setting learning targets.
Please be honest as these will
not be collected.
Setting Learning Targets:
A Video Presentation
Learning Targets
(Secondary Edition)
Where are We Now?
As a whole group, let’s discuss where we are
now in relation to setting learning targets.
▫ What do you do in your own classroom?
▫ Where is your WALT?
▫ How do you use it in your classroom?
The Reality of WALT
Administrative Observations:
▫ WALTs are displayed in 90% of classrooms, but
they are not always visible.
▫ WALTs are not always reviewed prior to
▫ WALTs are not always revisited during the actual
▫ Closure is not always related to classroom WALTs.
Your Mission
In your subgroup, please discuss the following prompts.
While all members should participate in the discussion, only
one person needs to record the responses.
How do you present your WALT?
How do you deal with multiple teachers in the room?
Do you change the WALT daily?
How can you improve the WALT for the learner?
Has creating the WALT better focused your lesson
or do you write WALT after lesson is created?
What is the WALT based on?
Do you use more than one WALT?