Rural Training Centres

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Changing Lives
About 80% of Solomon
Islanders don’t
complete secondary
They may live a large
distance away from
the nearest school
making transport
costs too expensive,
or they may not be
able to afford the
Rural training centres (RTCs) provide training in
areas such as carpentry, electrical repairs,
mechanics, agriculture, animal-rearing, cooking
and sewing.
For young Solomon Islanders, the RTCs are the most
accessible and affordable means of technical and
vocational training.
Many of the rural training centres need help with funds to
purchase new equipment and tools.
This centre at Vanga Point has a new workshop for teaching
carpentry but no equipment.
This is a functioning carpentry workshop at the
Don Bosco RTC in Tetere.
This is an outdoor classroom at St
Dominic’s Rural Training Centre at Vanga
Point. It is attached to a piggery.
Rose Tam is one of two female students in her
mechanics course at St Peter’s Rural Training
Centre in Gizo.
Young women are usually encouraged to enrol
in courses in life skills, including cooking and
Adrian Heke, Betty-Ann Kamp and Fr Philip Gibbs
etty-Ann Kamp
drian Heke
r Philip Gibbs