Article Processing How to share your e-journal articles By Tim Bowersox Benefits of e-journal lending • Less manpower ▫ No stacks searching ▫ No photocopying • Less.

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Transcript Article Processing How to share your e-journal articles By Tim Bowersox Benefits of e-journal lending • Less manpower ▫ No stacks searching ▫ No photocopying • Less.

Article Processing
How to share your e-journal
By Tim Bowersox
Benefits of e-journal lending
• Less manpower
▫ No stacks searching
▫ No photocopying
• Less time: just save and send
• Better image quality
• Better service quality
▫ Faster turnaround
▫ Easiest document delivery opportunity
Step 1. Discovery
• Must determine your holdings & licenses
▫ Link resolver holdings (Serials Solutions or SFX)
▫ ALIAS licensing data
• 3 options
▫ Lending Availability Service (ILLiad 7.4 & 8.0)
▫ Serials Solution Citation addon (ILLiad 8.0)
▫ OpenURL Linker addon for SFX (ILLiad 8.)
Lending Availability Service
• Z39.50 search in the ILLiad
• Returns your link resolver
holdings & ALIAS license
• Works in ILLiad 7.4 & 8.0
• No direct link to your link
resolver interface
• Requires Customization
Manager setup
• Manual search
Lending Availability Service
Serials Solutions Citation addon
• Automatically searches Serials
Solutions for the article
• Displays the license
permission alongside the
• Works from within the ILLiad
• Will allow one-click PDF
downloading & conversion
• Unavailable for ILLiad 7.4
Serials Solutions Citation addon
OpenURL Linker addon
• Automatically searches your
link resolver for the article
• Works with all link resolvers
• Works from within the ILLiad
• Still requires searching the
Lending Availability Service
for licenses
• Unavailable for ILLiad 7.4
OpenURL Linker addon
Crash Course
1. Search for the journal title in either the LAS,
Serials Solutions Citation addon, or OpenURL
Linker addon
2. Verify you have the necessary holdings and
license permissions
a) If so, save PDF to a dedicated folder or network
b) If not, check print holdings or cancel request
Step 2. Convert PDFs to TIFFs
Odyssey will only send files in TIFF format
But online articles are all in PDF format
Solution: free and simple conversion tools!
MyMorph, DocMorph, MS Office Document
Image Writer
• Free download from NLM
• Easy batch conversion
between TIFF and PDF
• Saves to same location each
• Requires Windows
• Requires separate installation
on each workstation
• Larger files can convert slowly
• Free to use from NLM without
any downloads
• OS-neutral web tool
• Option to rotate upside-down
• Requires login each session
• Slower than MyMorph
• Must download file after
Crash Course – MyMorph/DocMorph
1. Select the saved PDF(s)
2. Choose TIFF as your desired output format
3. Save file(s) as TN # to your output folder
MyMorph: before conversion, choose your
results folder
DocMorph: after conversion, download file(s) to
that location
4. Delete the original PDFs to save space
MS Office Document Image Writer
• Convert PDF to TIFF on-thefly in browser/reader
• Fast conversion times
• Requires Windows
• Does not work with 64-bit
operating system
• Requires MS Office
MS Office Document Image Writer
Crash Course – MS Office Document
Image Writer
1. View the PDF in your browser
2. Go to File and Print…
3. Select the MS Office Document Image Writer as
your printer
4. Print the document. When prompted, save to a
folder or shared location as the TN #
NOTE: requires initial configuration before using.
To see if you have it installed, view your
Printers in the Control Panel.
Step 3. Deliver the articles
• Odyssey
▫ Send all converted articles at once using Odyssey
Helper (version 7.3 and higher)
▫ It imports files, delivers them, bills (if applicable) and
updates the status to Request Finished automatically
• Ariel
▫ Import either the PDF or TIFF and send to library
▫ Still have to Mark Found in ILLiad
• Email Routing
▫ Alternative to Ariel for non-Odyssey borrowers
▫ Upload PDF to your elecdel folder and send download
link to library
▫ Still have to Mark Found in ILLiad first
Crash Course – Odyssey Helper
1. Save TIFF as TN # to the folder specified under
OdysseyHelperImagesPathLending in
Customization Manager
2. Open Odyssey Helper after all files saved
3. Eligible requests will appear in list (i.e. those
that have both a TIFF and are “In Stacks
4. Click the deliver button to begin autoprocessing.
Odyssey Helper
Odyssey Helper
• Also works for Doc Del (files must be saved to
OdysseyHelperImagesPathDocDel location in
the Customization Manager)
• To distribute, simply copy Odyssey Helper
program to the desktop of each workstation
▫ Hosted sites: located in your C:\ILLiad folder
▫ Others: located in your ILLiad server’s Odyssey
How to purchase and deliver pay-per-view journal articles to
your users
Why use pay-per-view?
• Evidence from Geneseo, 12/1/06-1/1/08
▫ Paid $6,662 for 270 royalty payments of articles also
available pay-per-view
▫ Pay-per-view costs would have been $6,100
▫ On royalties alone, would have saved $562
• CCC royalties aren’t all…
▫ Pay-per-view savings increase if you avoid lenders that
▫ Range from free IDS Libraries to $25 lenders
• Summary:
▫ Why pay avg. $25 royalty + up to $25 in ILL fees?
▫ Pay-per-view gives immediate access for $23 on avg.
Analysis conducted by Cyril Oberlander, 4/21/08
What you need
• Credit card
• Email routing and access to your \ILLiad\PDF
folder, or just Odyssey Helper
• ILLiad lender record called “Vendor”
▫ Associate with each pay-per-view request
▫ Set as “Copyright Payer” to avoid pay-per-view
articles showing up in CCC order
• What is your scope?
▫ Only for faculty? Or for all users?
▫ How much are you willing to pay?
• When will you purchase articles?
▫ When CCC and/or lending charges exceed a certain
▫ When articles are embargoed from subscriptions?
▫ When there is no other means of access?
 Foreign or obscure titles
 Recent publications not yet published or held in print
▫ Rush requests?
Keep in mind
• Pay-per-view prices often cost less than copyright
clearance, but more than lender fees
• Article quality much better from vendors than through
ILL lenders
• Beware of articles in “Adobe Digital Editions” format
because they cannot be shared (used by BL Direct)
• Not all vendors are created equal
▫ Checkout is often clunky w/ no one-click ordering
▫ Not all articles available for purchase
▫ Obscure publishers may not have secure checkout or
automated delivery
• Follow all institutional guidelines for credit card records
Workflow example
Determine if purchasing the article is best option
Search Google for the article title to locate vendor
Buy the article from the vendor
Save the PDF to your \ILLiad\PDF folder or
convert to TIFF for Odyssey Helper
5. In the ILLiad request, use “Vendor” as your lender
6. Deliver the article via email routing, or route to In
DD Stacks Searching and use Odyssey Helper
All workflows available at:
Tim Bowersox
Information Delivery Services Librarian
Milne Library, SUNY Geneseo
[email protected] | 585-245-5589