OpenSees on NEEShub Frank McKenna UC Berkeley Bell’s Law Bell's Law of Computer Class formation was discovered about 1972.

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Transcript OpenSees on NEEShub Frank McKenna UC Berkeley Bell’s Law Bell's Law of Computer Class formation was discovered about 1972.

OpenSees on NEEShub

Frank McKenna UC Berkeley

Bell’s Law

Bell's Law of Computer Class formation

was discovered about 1972. It states that technology advances in semiconductors, storage, user interface and networking advance every decade enable a new, usually lower priced computing platform to form. Once formed, each class is maintained as a quite independent industry structure. Gordon Bell,

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is internet-based computing , whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid. source: wikipedia •Applications are run and data is stored on remote machines in the cloud.

•User accesses the applications and files using an internet based application, e.g. web browser for Google Docs and NEEShub.

Pros & Cons?


• The power behind NEES at • Maintained and developed at Purdue by NEEScomm • Built using proven HUBzero technology (nanoHUb > 100,000 users) • A science gateway for education and research in earthquake engineering Through a browser engineers can: • Upload and view experimental data • Browse online seminars and courses • Launch sophisticated tools using remote computational resources (OpenSeesLab)

NEEShub (First Release July 2010)

NEEShub Tools and Resources

Documents, Learning Objects, Series & TOOLS

Simulation Data Management

The Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (OpenSees) is a software framework for simulating the seismic response of structural and geotechnical systems. OpenSees is the computational platform for research in performance-based earthquake engineering at PEER and has been the simulation component for NEES since 2004. Since 2005 the OpenSees application has been downloaded over 35,000 times by users in over 120 countries.

The current status of OpenSees is: • Version 2.2.2 now available with over 80 material types, 30 element types, 20 integration schemes, 15 numerical solvers, 10 solution algorithms • Open Source and Free to Use • Contains Cutting Edge Research not available in commercial codes • Allows developers to dynamically add material and element routines (c or fortran), integration schemes, recorders, solvers, and algorithms.

• Runs sequentially and in parallel on multi-core Windows, Linux and Mac machines • Available on some of the most high performance computers (HPCs) in the world • GUI ’ s available (BuildingTcl, OpenSeesPL, OpenSeesNavigator) • IT IS FULLY PROGRAMMABLE 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 0 2 4 6 8 10

Number of processors

12 14 16 18

The OpenSeesLab tool: Is a suite of Simulation Tools powered by OpnSees for: 1. Submitting OpenSees scripts (input files) to HUB resources 2. Educating students and practicing engineers 3. Performing useful tasks

OpenSees Interpreter Tool

File Transfer Tool

Upload: From Your Machine to NEEShub Download: From NEEShub to Your Machine

Lateral Pile Analysis

SDOF Earthquake Response

Moment Curvature Analysis

OpenSeesLab GUI using Rappture

set Tn 1.0

if {$argc != 0} { package require Rappture # open the XML file containing the run parameters set driver [Rappture::library [lindex $argv 0]] SDOF Free Vibration Response This tool demonstrates the effect of free } vibration set Tn [$driver get] while {$ok == 0 && $t < $maxT} { if {$argc != 0 } { driver put -append yes output.curve.component.xy "$time $d\n" } else { } puts $outFile "$time $d" } } # save the updated XML describing the run... if {$argc != 0 } { Rappture::result $driver

NEEShub things to know:


Anyone can get an account (it’s free!) 2. You can have 5 sessions running at once 3. The sessions stay alive until you kill them 4. With each session you get a new data directory, some tools by default will store their information there.

5. You have 1GB storage by default (it is expandable!)