TOBACCO PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROGRAM Mike Maples, Assistant Commissioner Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

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Transcript TOBACCO PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROGRAM Mike Maples, Assistant Commissioner Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Mike Maples, Assistant Commissioner
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Each Day in the
United States
• The tobacco industry spends nearly $36 million to
market and promote its products.
• Almost 4,000 adolescents start smoking.
• Approximately 1,200 current and former smokers die
prematurely from tobacco-related diseases.
• The nation spends more than $260 million in direct
medical costs related to smoking.
• The nation experiences nearly $270 million in lost
productivity due to premature deaths from tobaccorelated diseases.
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Texas Tobacco Facts
• 3,257,000 adults age 18+ are smokers
• Approximately 24,200 adults die annually from a
smoking-attributable illness
• $5.83 billion annual medical costs due to smoking
• $1.62 billion annual Medicaid costs due to smoking
• $6.445 billion lost productivity annually due to
premature death from smoking
• $622.4 million spent by the tobacco industry marketing
tobacco products in 2008
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Actual Causes of Death
in Texas 2001
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Trends in Lung Cancer – Incidence &
Smoking: United States, 1999-2008
• Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer
and the leading cause of cancer death in the United
• Most deaths from lung cancer are caused by cigarette
smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.
• Effective tobacco control policies can decrease
smoking prevalence, ultimately leading to decreases
in lung cancer.
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Texas Municipalities
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Core Programs
• Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalitions (TPCC)
Prevent tobacco use among youth, ensure compliance
with state and local laws, increase cessation among
youth and adults, eliminate exposure to secondhand
smoke, reduce use in populations with the highest
burden of tobacco-related health disparities
• Quitline – Counseling Services for TPCC Communities
and uninsured individuals, pregnant women, and
Medicaid recipients statewide. Free Nicotine
Replacement Therapy statewide to uninsured and
pregnant women.
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Core Programs, Cont’d.
• Reducing Minors’ Access to Tobacco – Synar
(DSHS Enforcement Contract), Texas Youth Tobacco
Awareness Program, FDA State Enforcement
Contract, Tobacco Hotline
• Youth Engagement – Teen Ambassadors, Youth
Leadership, Regional Summits, Mini-Grants to
Schools and Community Groups
• Media – Focuses on TPCC Communities, Stresses
Prevention and Youth Access to Tobacco Products
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Tobacco Budget
Funding Amount
FY 11
FY 12
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Impact to Personnel
• FTE Reductions
• 22.4 FTEs in FY11 to 10.11 FTEs in FY12
• Approximately 4.5 FTE Reduction in Central Office
• Approximately 7.5 FTE Reduction in Regions
• Staff whose positions were no longer funded by
tobacco were transferred to positions and duties
funded by other sources
• Regional Coordinators remain in 7 of the 8 DSHS
regional health offices across the state.
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Program & Participant
• TEA Tobacco Prevention Education Interagency
Contract eliminated ($3 million annually) – Served
628 School Districts; 15,230 Teachers; 450,920
Students through 20 regional educational service
centers and curriculum for two programs
• Smokeless Tobacco Prevention Program eliminated
($1 million annually) – 18,957 youth received
curriculum; 31,393 students received prevention
materials; 608,842 youth reached through media
• TPCC Program reduced by 35%
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Program & Participant
Impact, Cont’d.
• Media Campaign reduced by 45%
• Texas Quitline reduced by 39% (FY 2011 average
between 2,000-2,500 calls per month)
• Comptroller Tobacco Law Enforcement Funds
eliminated ($1 million of DSHS tobacco funds diverted
to maintain program for Synar compliance)
• Youth Engagement Prevention Program increased by
35% – 20 teen ambassadors, 7 college age
consultants, 11 regional youth summits, statewide teen
leadership summit, Texas Tobacco-Free Kids Day
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Adult Smoking Rates
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Youth Tobacco Use
Lifetime and Past-Month Tobacco Use – G7 - 12
Texas School Survey (1990 - 2010)
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Texas Synar Rates
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Tobacco Initiatives
• FDA State Enforcement Contract ($1 million per
year for three years) – Undercover Buys, Advertising
and Labeling Inspections, Targets High Risk Areas
(Ethnic & Minority Communities, Near Schools and
Recreation Centers), Undercover Buys supplement
Synar activities
• Cancer Prevention Research Institute (CPRIT) –
DSHS applied for 3 year grant at $1 million per year
to increase Quitline Services to cover uninsured
persons statewide, persons receiving treatment for
addictions to alcohol or illicit drugs, and persons
referred by a clinician (targeting Federally Qualified
Health Centers)
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Tobacco Initiatives,
• Community Transformation Grant (CTG) (Division
of Prevention and Preparedness Services) – $10
million per year for five years, includes target of a 5%
statewide reduction in morbidity rates due to tobacco
• Cessation Medication and Nicotine Replacement
Therapy (NRT) exempted from three script limit for
Medicaid recipients (Additional Rx benefit)
• Quitline Services approved by CMS for
reimbursement at 50% administrative cost for all
Medicaid callers
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