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Lumps and bumps above the belt a workshop
for GPs and health professionals
Please join us as leading experts present the latest evidence-based information including:
Breast cancer
Case studies including imaging, diagnosis and management of cysts, fibroadenoma, nipple discharge and cancer
Appropriate breast imaging including: what is the place of US, 3-D imaging, MRI, and thermal imaging in screening? What
is the significance of high density tissue on a mammogram? Understanding the significance of the categories (1-5)
reported on mammograms
Update on risk and protective factors in breast cancer including HRT, COC, exercise, etc.
When is genetic testing indicated and an update on new genetic tests
When to consider tamoxifen for breast cancer risk reduction.
Ocular cancer
Understanding the epidemiology of primary and secondary eye cancers, as well as benign eye lesions – including intraocular, periocular/orbital and lid
Recognising their presenting symptoms and signs
Awareness of therapeutic options
Head and neck lumps and bumps
An approach to the assessment of head and neck lumps and bumps. e.g. is a submandibular lump a salivary gland, a
lymph node, or could it be cancer?
Assessment of lesions inside the mouth
How to determine what might be cancerous
When to refer to a specialist
This workshop will be presented by specialists from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Royal Victorian Eye and Ear
Dr David Speakman – Head of Cancer Services Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Mary-Anne Young – Senior Genetic Counsellor
Dr Ian Collins – Oncology Fellow
Ms Anne Cass - Head of The Head and Neck Unit, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
Dr John McKenzie - Head of The Ocular Oncology Unit, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
Date: Saturday 31 August 2013
Time: 9am–2pm (registrations at 8.30am)
Light lunch provided
Venue: Michael Chamberlain Lecture Theatre, Mary Aikenhead Building, St Vincent’s Hospital, Victoria Parade, Fitzroy
RSVP by 21 July 2013 by email [email protected] (agenda emailed on request). For more information
contact Heidi English (03) 9635 5227, Fax (03) 9635 5360
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