Meet and GreetLibu Varughese, MD Ram Balachandran, MD Santhosh Gheevarghese John, MD Sabyasachi Roy, MBBS.

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Transcript Meet and GreetLibu Varughese, MD Ram Balachandran, MD Santhosh Gheevarghese John, MD Sabyasachi Roy, MBBS.

Meet and Greet 2015

Libu Varughese, MD Ram Balachandran, MD Santhosh Gheevarghese John, MD Sabyasachi Roy, MBBS


O 6pm: Refreshments & Networking, O 6:30-6:45pm: Introductions O 6:45pm-7pm: Welcome O 7pm-7:15pm Dr. Moynahan O 7:15-7:30 Dr. Radhakrishnan O 7:30 Open forum

Council & Committees O Resident/Fellows Council – Transition newsletter, Journal “Clubs”, hosting procedural simlab for medical students, Annual Meeting Activities, etc O Hospitalist/IMG Committee - Fall hike, addressing IMG concerns O Advocacy - Learn about issues that affect your profession

ACP Resident/ Fellow Council Co-Chair

Ram Baalachandran, MBBS Third year resident, UofA, Tucson [email protected]

Libu Varughese, MD Third year chief resident, SJHMC, Phoenix [email protected]

ACP Hospitalist/IMG Committee

Santosh Gheevarghese John, MD, FACP Assistant Professor of Medicine, Tucson Sabyasachi Roy, MBBS Internist at St. Joseph’s, Phoenix

What can ACP do for you?

O Networking - Wide range of residents and faculty to meet!

O Explore Fellowship opportunities O Present at Journal Clubs and Scientific meetings O Awards O Reaching Community & fellow physicians

ACP helps with research opportunities Use your new “networking” contacts along with the good will of ACP members statewide and nationally to expand your research vistas.

ACP helps in arranging "away electives" O You can develop contacts at the different programs, making it much easier to obtain “away electives”!

O Members can guide you in selecting the away elective and with living in a new city

ACP helps with increasing knowledge Wondering who is leading in your field? Check the resources of ACP....research results are easily located in Journals and you are “introduced” to leaders!!

How can I participate in ACP?

O O O O O O O Annual Conference Journal clubs Transitions Newsletter Council/Committee participation Social Hours Advocacy as a group Facebook

Annual ACP Conference – State & National O Doctor’s Dilemma O O Oral Vignette Poster Presentation O CME O Procedural workshops O Meet with Fellowship directors O Awards

ACP conference- Doctor’s Dilemma

Poster Presentations

ACP meeting details Abstract submission deadlines

As the Chapter Meeting approaches, ACP AZ Chapter will have LOTS of important information for you like...

‘How to Write an Abstract and Make a Great Poster’

Webinar (choice of two time slots): Wednesday, August 19, 2015, at 6:00 p.m., or Saturday, August 22, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. Posters/Abstracts – Final Submission Deadline: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 (midnight)

ACP Biannual subspecialty Journal “clubs” Teleconferenced in Tucson & Phoenix w/ faculty experts!

Inside the Issues O O O O O Social corner Talent corner Case Reports Featured Residents Featured program

Social events-Tucson Hike

Hikes in the beautiful Outdoors!!

Social Hour 2014

Social after Meeting dinner at a restaurant, Saturday night @ the Annual Meeting.

ACP influences Health Policy Leadership Day-Washington DC ● ● ●


has long-advocated that the flawed SGR formula needs to be


and replaced ...

Repeal Medicare

Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2014. www.


and Advocate for more residents in Arizona Meet with your senators and representatives

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ACP leaders around you..

Call for volunteers from each program for IMPORTANT work!!

O 2 or more folks from each year from each Residency Program can become a council member for the

ACP Resident/Fellows Council

O Members also needed for the

Hospitalist / IMG Committee

We need active participants You!

Talk to any of the leaders here or email Dixie - dswan

for any more information!!

ACP Arizona

Welcomes you!!