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ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Higher Education

Call for proposals

EuropeAid/132023/D/ACT/Multi General outlines

Implemented by the ACP Secretariat Funded by the European Union

Higher Education Challenges in the ACP

• Lack of graduates with high-level skills in areas crucial to development • Lack of qualified teaching staff, up-to-date curricula and adequate teaching methods • Lack of qualified managerial and administrative


• Lack of global and intra-regional linkages


EDULINK contributes to:

Capacity building and regional integration in the field of higher education through institutional networking • Fostering higher education of quality, which is efficient and relevant to the needs of the labour market and consistent with the ACP socio-economic development priorities

Feedback from the previous Calls

3 Calls for Proposals published, 406 valid proposals received and 66 projects financed (success rate 16%)

• • • 1 st 2 nd 3 rd call (2006): call (2007): 5 million EUR ➙ 9 million EUR ➙ call (2008): 16 million EUR ➙ 11 projects 21 projects 34 projects

TOTAL: 30 million EUR

66 projects

(average project size Euro 450 000)

340 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) involved, out of which 260 from ACP countries

Lessons learnt

• The mid-term evaluation of the Programme concluded that the 66 projects are highly relevant in fostering capacity building and regional integration in higher education in ACP States • The number of networked institutions in the ACP with collaborative agreements has significantly increased as a result of the partnerships formed

Specific Objective

The Specific Objective of the EDULINK II Programme is to strengthen the capacity of ACP HEIs at:

Management/administration level

Academic level

Target Areas

EDULINK II target areas are:

Energy access and efficiency

Agriculture and food security

Types of Action and Activities

Institutional capacity building

• • Establishment or strengthening of international relations units within HEIs Capacity building of international relations units to support student and staff mobility

Improving academic quality

• Developing and implementing new curricula • Organisation of exchanges for training academic staff

Financial Allocation

The overall indicative amount is EUR 23 300 000:

• Lot 1 –EDF: EUR 18 300 000 • Lot 2 – Budget: EUR 5 000 000

Duration and financing

Duration: between 12 and 42 monthsGrants budget: between EUR 200 000 and

EUR 500 000

• Any grant awarded must be limited to 85% of the estimated total accepted costs


• Applicants and partners must be a public or private HEI, a network of HEI, or a Regional Institution of Higher Education formally recognised by one of the

Eligible Countries

• At least 3 partners, including the applicant, from at least 2 different ACP States • Number of institutions from the ACP States must be greater than the number of institutions from the EU or from other non-ACP regions

List of eligible countries

Lot 1 – EDF Lot 2 – BUDGET

• • • •

The 79 ACP Member States divided into the six regions

Same countries as in Lot 1 except the LDC 27 EU Member states 3 EEA EFTA states

Least Developed Countries (LDC) (As defined by the UN) For the other countries see annex I of the Guidelines

OECD/DAC Member Countries (Only when the Action happens in a Least Developed Country (LDC) as defined by the UN)


• Ensure complementarity of expertise among partners • Do not overstretch the partnership • Define partnership rules, roles and responsibilities in an ad-hoc internal MOU • Include Associates only if they offer real added-value


• Address cross-cutting issues such as, among others, gender equality and environmental sustainability • Individual scholarships for studies and training courses are not eligible • Actions concerned only or mainly with individual sponsorships for participation in workshops, seminars and conferences are not eligible


• The Applicant should make sure that a Project Management Unit is set up with a Project Coordinator and a Project Administrator • Identify within each partner a Focal Point and an

Administrative Assistant

• Ensure timely and compliant reporting • Ensure financial flows among consortium partners

Application Procedure

The Applicant sends on behalf of the partnership:

• Application form + Annexes to Edulink PMU, c/o GOPA-

Cartermill, Rue de Trèves 45, B1040 Brussels

• Deadline for submission of proposals: 30 July 2012 (as

per postmark)

• Further information can be asked until 21 days before the deadline to:

[email protected]