Cerner RxStation Training RxStation Overview • Touch Screen Computer called an ELO. • Keyboard and Mouse can also be used. • Scanner is used by.

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Transcript Cerner RxStation Training RxStation Overview • Touch Screen Computer called an ELO. • Keyboard and Mouse can also be used. • Scanner is used by.

RxStation Overview
• Touch Screen Computer called an ELO.
• Keyboard and Mouse can also be used.
• Scanner is used by pharmacy to load the medication.
• Each RxStation is built based on unit needs and size of medication room.
• Lights direct user to where medication is located.
Logging In
• No more Fingerprint!
• Username and password are the same as your Cerner (PHRED) username and
• After logging in once the system will remember usernames.
• Charge Nurses
• No more adding users.
• Anyone that floats
• Clinical Instructors
• Managers & Educators
• No need to request access
for new staff.
Selecting a Patient
• If no patient list (PAL) is set up by a user
in Cerner, RxStation will default to where
the machine is located.
• Patient lists (PAL) are available
under first drop down.
• Location
• Custom
• In areas that share a RxStation
the user will select the appropriate
Available Actions
• RxStation functions off of tasks; the
user must have a task or the
medication be verified to remove.
• RxStation looks back 6 hours and
forward 4 hours for tasks.
• Grouping Medications
• Task
• Alpha
• Display
• Generic
• Brand
• Respiratory Therapists will see all active
medications however, will only be able to remove
medications that are inhaled. This includes
• Medications on override display
alphabetically. The user can select
show all or the first letter of the
medication when searching for a
• The override list is based on unit
and user privileges.
• Best practice – go to remove screen first, see if the medication is
available, if not available select override from top left section of
remove screen.
• Continue current practice, either document waste in RxStation or on the
• 2 options within RxStation.
• Option 1
• Waste prior to selecting
done from return screen.
• Option 2
• Select waste from action screen
once a patient is selected
• A list of available medications to
waste will appear.
• Narcotic waste requires a witness to enter their
user name and password.
• Enter the amount (either
strength or volume) wasted into
the appropriate box.
• Select reason for waste.
• Upon selecting return from available actions the medications available for
return on that patient will display alphabetically.
• Return bins will usually be located in the bottom drawer.
•Squeezing the blue handle will empty the return bin.
Order Details
• Charge Nurse or unit
designee will continue to
check RxStation for
• If no icon appears on login screen, sign discrepancy log.
• No longer a need to print anything.
•If the icon appears, log into RxStation.
• From options drop down menu select
Manage Discrepancies.
• Rx Station will guide you through
resolving discrepancies.
• Once resolved, sign log.
• What if I don’t remove enough?
• Prior to selecting done, select retry
• Can I access RxStation during
•Yes, the screen will be black.
• Patients available prior to
downtime will still be
• New Patients will need
to be added.
Searching For or Adding a Patient
• If the patient is on your unit but not
transferred from their previous unit select
the magnifying glass.
• Enter patient information into search.
• Select appropriate encounter for patient.
• You will now be able to remove
medications for that patient based on
current orders or medications on override.
• If the patient is on your unit (new admit) and
not in the system search for them using the
steps above.
• If no match, select add new patient.
• Medications on override will be available to
this patient.
Managing Ad Hoc Patients
• After the patient has been added to your unit it’s
important to inactivate the patient that was added via
the search option.
• From the options menu
select Manage Ad Hoc
• Select the patient that was
• Select inactivate selected.
• Inactivating the added patient
will prompt users to select the
correct patient.
• Pharmacy will clean up
the list once all billing has
been reconciled.
• Lexicomp can be accessed by clicking the blue
circle with the white “i”
• The icon will either be in the options drop down menu or next to the
log out screen when in a specific patient’s chart.
Additional RxStation Information
Contact your floor Pharmacy