Introduction to Windows 8

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Transcript Introduction to Windows 8

Introduction to Windows 8
Window 8 Introduction
• Newest member of the Windows family
• Microsoft reimagined Windows 8 to reflect:
• The way people work and play
• The device they want to use
• The explosion of social media
• Operating system improve on fundamentals
• Speed
• Reliability
• Security
• Works with existing infrastructure but also offers new ways to deploy
and manage users’ desktop environments.
Why Windows 8?
• More personal computing devices
• Digital generation entering the work place raises expectations
• New generation with significantly different beliefs about tools
they should be able to use at work.
• Consumerization of It
• Example 1: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program
• Example 2: Use of social networking at work – for work.
• Benefits: Unleashes people’s productivity, passion, innovation, and
competitive edge.
Microsoft Strategy for Overcoming Challenges
• Provide the experiences and devices that users love and expect.
• Deliver enterprise-grade solutions that you can use to manage and
secure them
Experiences and Devices
• Choice between convenience and productivity
• Delivers a touch-first experience along with full support for mouse
and keyboard
• Convenience and mobility of a tablet combined with the power
and familiarity of a full PC
• Move effortlessly between work and personal activities
Enterprise-grade solutions
• Windows 8 also offers enterprise-grade solutions:
• Enhanced end-to-end security
• Improves the security and reliability of the system
• Management and virtualization advancements
• Features that help you manage client PCs
• Example: Windows To Go
What’s new for Windows 8?
Focuses on users’ lives
Perfect for a range of devices
Smooth and intuitive
Instant access to information
Spend less time looking and more time doing
End-to-end security
• The following list describes new and enhanced security features in
Windows 8:
Trusted boot
Measured boot On Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Windows SmartScreen
Claim-based access control
Manageability and virtualization
• The following list describes some of the new manageability and
virtualization features in Windows 8:
Client Hyper-V
Windows PowerShell
Testing, deployment, and migration
Refresh and Reset your PC
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Hardware recommendations
• Provides a terrific experience on the same hardware that runs
Windows 7
• PCs seem to work even better after upgrading from Windows 7 to
Windows 8
• Additionally, some Windows 8 feature require other hardware
Hardware innovation
• Broad in Windows 8
• The following are a few key areas where Microsoft has worked
extensively with its partners:
• Touch
• Response times
• Sensitivity and precision
• Flush bezel
Long battery life
Thinner, lighter, faster
Sensors and security
New form factors
Windows 8 editions
• Windows 8
• Basic for home users
• Windows 8 Pro
• Small to medium sized businesses
• Windows 8 Enterprise
• Large businesses
• Windows RT Devices
• Long battery lives and new form factors
• Microsoft is delivering on its commitment to deliver experiences
and devices that user want, along with enterprise-grade solutions
that provide end-to-end security, management, and security.