Primo at Northwestern – Story of Local Development

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Transcript Primo at Northwestern – Story of Local Development

NU Primo – A Story of
“How to make Primo your own”
Michael North - LEAD, Systems Team
Sr. Systems Analyst / Programmer
Northwestern University
IGeLU 2013
Septembe 2013
IT related services (through applications) - already out of date after 6 months
.1. Quick NU Tour of Primo
.2. MODS protocol extract and Ingestion (Winterton)
.3. LibGuides into Primo
.4. Primo / Blackboard Plugin Adaptor
.5. FRBR enhancement Fix
.6. Other DEV work – if time !
Applications Under the Primo Umbrella
Repositories (local)
(ex: Africana Images, BooksNorthwestern)
Repositories (remote)
Primo Central
Goggle-ish Searching – single searchbox
Customizations –
many of which can
be found on ELCommons
EAD  MODs  Primo
(Winterton Collection)
Archival and Manuscript
Collection Portal :
Over 400 collections are accessible using
EAD Finding Aid
The “other” EAD project
c01: Group
c02: Album
c03: Page
c03: Page
c03: Page
c04: Photograph
c04: Photograph
c02: Album
c02: Album
c01: Photograph
c01: Album
c02: Page
c02: Page
c03: Photograph
c03: Photograph
c02: Page
c01: Box
c02: Slide
c02: Slide
c02: Slide
c01: Group
c02: Album
c03: Page
c04: Photograph
c04: Photograph
c02: Album
c03: Page
c04: Photograph
c04: Photograph
c02: Envelope
c03: Photograph
c03: Photograph
c03: Photograph
c01: Group -> MODS: Group
c02: Album -> MODS: Album
c03: Page -> MODS: Page
c03: Page -> MODS: Page
c03: Page -> MODS: Page
c04: Photograph -> MODS: Photograph
c04: Photograph -> MODS: Photograph
c04: Photograph -> MODS: Photograph
c02: Album -> MODS: Album
c02: Album -> MODS: Album
MODS: Group
MODS: Album
MODS: Page
MODS: Page
MODS: Page
MODS: Photograph
MODS: Photograph
MODS: Photograph
MODS: Album
MODS: Album
<titleInfo displayLabel="Title">
<title>Uganda Railway : scenes at stations</title>
<identifier displayLabel="Handle" type="hdl"></identifier>
<relatedItem type="host" displayLabel="Parent">
<titleInfo displayLabel="Title">
<title>British East Africa</title>
<identifier displayLabel="Handle" type="hdl"></identifier>
<relatedItem type="constituent" displayLabel="On this
<titleInfo displayLabel="Page">
<title>African and European men</title>
<identifier displayLabel="Handle" type="hdl">
FEDORA Digital Image collections
into Primo
Fedora (Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture)
An architecture for storing, managing, and accessing digital content in
the form of digital objects.
We have numerous Fedora repositories.
Started with Africana Library’s Winterton Collection.
Records in EAD format in Fedora.
MODS records created in Fedora.
Use XSLT script to transform MODS to PNX.
Import into Primo server.
Digital Image collection into Primo
Why XSL instead of the Back Office Normalization?
Complex, hierarchical
Subject Headings
Digital Image collection into Primo
Winterton Collection – Fedora Repository
Primo Record Discovery
Parent of image
Actual image (item record)
Actual Photo display
Click on “thumbnail” or image displayed in Online Resource or Details tabs.
Parent of actual image record (hierarchy provided)
Click on the “Link to source in Winterton Collection of East African Photographs” link in
the “Online Resource” or “Details” tabs. This will display the parent page of the
individual record (shows where the image came from).
Image on parent page
•Group: 21
•Title from inventory: East Africa Protectorate
•Dates: Circa 1899-1902
•Photographer: Unidentified photographers
•Physical description: 1 album and 1 envelope of loose photographs
•Object ID: 21
•Languages: Collection is captioned in English.
•Abstract: Original photographs, compiled during the construction of the Uganda Railway.
Historic Notes: An important album with good images of Mombasa at the turn of the century, the building of the
Uganda Railway and the founding of Nairobi. The lion trap at Tsavo is of particular interest. Many of the pictures
were probably taken by the ‘official’ railway photographer, some bearing captions imprinted on the image. The
compiler of the album may have been the Chief Medical Officer assigned under contract to the Uganda Railway
Company, originally based, as one would expect, in Mombasa and later transferring to Nairobi when that
settlement became the center for railway building operations.
•Uganda Railway--Pictorial works
•Railroads--Design and construction--Pictorial works
•Railroads--Africa, East--Pictorial works
•Europeans--Africa, East--Social life and customs--Pictorial works
•Mombasa (Kenya)--Description and travel--Pictorial works
•Africa, East--Description and travel--Pictorial works
Related Material:
See also the Young album of photographs of the Uganda Railway. N.B. none of these images are duplicated in the Young album.
In this Group:
•Object 21-1 - East Africa Protectorate
•Object 21-2 - East Africa Protectorate
•Cultural Context: Cultural Context of African Colonial Photographs and the Herskovits Library Collections
•Citation: East Africa Protectorate. Circa 1899-1902. Winterton Collection of East African Photographs, Melville J. Herskovits Library
of African Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston. Object 21. 7 September, 2013.
Clicking on Component Page provides Picture detail
…. Plus metadata for the picture.
So, Why Is This So GREAT ! ! !
This harvesting method that incorporates hierarchical
metadata into Primo for our collections, provides
another access point for patrons who never knew about
the Winterton Collection. So now, patrons can look at the
digital object directly in a webpage, or they can go to the
Winterton Repository website via Primo and be placed
right into the collection website so they can look at other
related objects.
into Primo
How to setup the Harvest Process
Take the PNX file (MODS --> XSLT processing output) and create a targz file.
Create and setup a simple File Splitter - using "RootXPath", "FullRecordXPath", and
"IndentifierXpath" parameters.
Setup the Data Source configuration section in the Back Office.
Setup Normalization Rules - Almost all of the normalization rules treat the source as
complex XML and simply copies the text into the appropriate field.
Thumbnail setup :
(1) Setup the thumbnail image to appear in the Details tab by adding the html img tag
in the normalization rule.
(2) Setup the Primo Search Result thumbnail to open the Primo record in a window.
This helps inform the patron that they can go to the source document or the item
Setup a pipe to harvest the Winterton TARGZ file (pnx records).
Run the Winterton Harvest pipe and Index and Hotswap.
The Thumbnail
Adding thumbnail image to details tab:
Pnx record
Details tab
The Thumbnail
Getting thumbnail to open Primo record:
End Result
LibGuides into Primo – why good!
LibGuides into Primo
• Generate XML file of LibGuides content
LibGuides into Primo
• Use XSLT script to create mapping table
that will link LibGuide creator to guide
LibGuides into Primo
• Upload mapping table in Primo Back Office
LibGuides into Primo
• Create File Splitter
file splitter mapping table
file splitter params mapping table
LibGuides into Primo
• Create Pipe to harvest LibGuide content
Configure Data Source
Define Pipe
LibGuides into Primo
Test File Splitter
LibGuides into Primo
Create a tar.gz file
LibGuides into Primo
Run the pipe:
LibGuides into Primo
Records appear in Primo:
Primo and Blackboard
• We wanted the library to become partners with other
departments around campus in order to increase our
institutional relevancy and profile.
• The two most visited websites at Northwestern are (1) the
Blackboard CMS site and (2) the Library Catalog OPAC.
• The obvious first choice of a collaborative project for crossdepartment development was to integrate Primo and
Blackboard with each other.
• Another library objective was to make available Primo's
repository display abilities to Northwestern departments to
enhance teaching capabilities.
Primo and Blackboard
What does this project give us…
• It becomes an Integral part of our “resource
discovery” strategy.
• Provides a Collaboration Platform between
Academic & Research Technologies (A&RT)
and the Library.
• Primo “Push” to Blackboard Content Area
• Blackboard “Pull” from Primo e-Shelf
• Gives the Library a presence in Blackboard
• Gives Blackboard a presence in the Library
From Primo and e-Shelf –
"Push“ into Blackboard
• The first collaborative endeavor was to create a
“push” feature from Primo, into Blackboard.
• Send a selected resource from search results
into the Blackboard Documents Content Area
• Send one or more selected items from Primo eShelf or a basket to Blackboard Content Area
• Items are not dynamically linked to eShelf.
From Blackboard “Pull” Primo eShelf into Blackboard
• The second collaborative endeavor was to
create a “pull” feature from Blackboard,
out of Primo.
• This Links Primo e-Shelf resources to
Blackboard Content Areas
• This is a Dynamic display of e-Shelf
contents in Blackboard
Primo to Bb
(how does it work)
Blackboard login
• Selected
resource is
moved to
and this
stay in
Go to Course Documents for
Course BB104
Click VIEW RESOURCES brings up Primo record
Bb to Primo
(how does it work)
Primo eShelf we want to pull into Blackboard
Inside Blackboard CMS
Let's Add Library E-Shelf Folder !
Add Primo
(and Library
Primo/Bb Project Comes Around
"FULL CIRCLE" with our repository
development objectives.
• Teachers provide digital objects or request one (NU
scanning project). These objects are made
available through Primo via "harvesting."
• Teachers pull or push this material into their
Blackboard Course Materials pages.
• Students use the material in a classroom
• Instructor’s eShelf’s can be saved in Primo for
repeat use, saving time.
EL Commons
YouTube : Northwestern Primo/Blackboard PUSH Integration Demo
YouTube : Northwestern Primo/Blackboard PULL Integration Demo
PLEASE USE BOTH LINKS (there are older vids on this site)
NU FRBR Enhancement
• There have been a lot of discussions about how FRBR-ized records should
display in Primo. Northwestern developer (Jeremy Provost) “coded” a fix
that was acceptable to the librarians and placed the code in ELCommons.
• We created a true “WORKING RECORD” for the FRBR set of records.
• This code will hide from the display information for a FRBR group that
should not be displayed due to it being specific to an individual item in the
group. In other words, the Publisher and Availability information is not
appropriate to display for the group record as it is only specific to the
current preferred record. Instead, we'll display just the title, creator, format
(optional based on your FRBR rules) and the link to show all versions of that
item. Once all versions are displayed, the full records return.
• Additionally, this code can order the display of the individual records in
date descending order and return the user to their previous sort order when
closing the group of records.
FRBR Enhancement
Local jQuery development
Lets click on
the link and see
how they are
displayed !
No tabs
Notice that this is now a "working" record without any
This avoids the confusion of having specific record
info in the title area and record info in the tabs.
FRBR Enhancement (continued)
*notice that they are now auto-sorted in descending date order (create date).
Why Do I Mention FRBR ?
• Isn’t it fixed by ExLibris ????
• Yes but the point is that ExLibris
listened to it’s customers and wase
not afraid to implement something
that was developed institutionally.
That is a good thing !
Medical Library API View
• Medical School chose not to use the Primo
webpage, but have designed an API
interface to conform to their other webpage
Our First “Responsive Web Design”
Art Slides Repository
(Art History Dept)
Now that a department contributed digital object is in Primo, it can be
"pushed" or "pulled" into Blackboard so that the same professor can use it in
his classroom !
Northwestern BOOKS Project
Once these books are harvested in Primo, they can be made available to
Blackboard for professors to use in their course materials !
Youtube links
(new project ongoing - working on ingestion forms for faculty requests)
what does the future hold for NU development
More NU Fedora Repository Harvesting
TROVE National Library of Australia API
Vanderbilt TV NEWS archive harvesting
Primo and Alma
Thank You
Michael North
[email protected]