An inspirational academic experience at a leading global university.

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Transcript An inspirational academic experience at a leading global university.

Careers Advisors Day
Mark King, Head of Education Services and Support
‘An inspirational
academic experience at
a leading global
University of Birmingham
A Campus University
• Recently voted in the top 10 of the
UK’s most beautiful campuses
• Located 8 minutes away from the City
centre by train
• Very own train station, art gallery,
concert hall, botanical gardens
• Learning resources - 13 libraries and
resource centres
• Banks, shops, food outlets
• Sports centre and Guild of Students
• Safe, secure and friendly environment
Investing in the future
 We are undergoing a new
£175m estates development
programme to develop a
£55m state-of-the-art sports
centre (including the city’s
first 50m swimming pool);
£57m new Main Library and
£12.5m Aston Webb Student
Our Rankings
 10th in the UK (QS World University Rankings)
 13th in the Sunday Times University Guide
 15th in the Guardian University Guide 2014
 17th in the Complete University Guide 2014
 In the 2013 National Student Survey our existing
students gave us an ‘Overall Satisfaction’ rating of
88%, which is significantly above the national average.
 In 2012 80.7% of Birmingham graduates were in
graduate-level jobs within six months of
graduating. This is better than Oxford, Warwick
and Durham.
 Within the College of Medical and Dental
Sciences our employability is even higher:
– 2011/2012 – DLHE data shows 95.5% of
graduates were in graduate employability
within a year
– 97.7% in full time employment
College of Medical and Dental
 Major international centre for research and
education in medicine, medical sciences,
dentistry, nursing and pharmacy.
 Developing and promoting excellence in basic
and clinical science with an ultimate goal of
improving human health.
College Structure
The University’s structure is one of Colleges and
Schools, and the College of Medical and Dental
Sciences contains five Schools that cover the whole
range of pre-clinical and clinical disciplines:
 School of Cancer Sciences
 School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
 School of Dentistry
 School of Health and Population Sciences
 School of Immunity and Infection
Enquiry-based Education
 International centre for biomedical research – over
800 researchers and in excess of £66 million new
research funding per year with a current total of
around £285 million of ‘live’ funding.
 Areas of research covered:
– Cancer
– Genetics and Development
– Health and Population Sciences
– Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Neurological
– Endocrinology and Metabolism
– Dentistry
– Immunity and Infection
Education – Undergraduate Level
Each year the College graduates:
 385 medical students including 29 overseas and 40 graduate
– 105 medical students undertook intercalation programmes
after the second, third or fourth year of their course
 75 dental students
 21 biomedical materials science students
 96 medical science students
 104 nursing students.
 From September 2013 – 70+ pharmacy students
(Graduation in 2017)
National Student Survey Results
Medicine and
satisfaction with
the teaching on
this programme
satisfaction with
the quality of this
satisfaction with satisfaction with
the quality of this the quality of this
 £35m Institute of Biomedical
 State-of-the-art £11.8m Wolfson
Centre for Medical Education
 £1m phantom head laboratory
facility within the School of
 £500,000 Prosectorium facility with
ventilated tables and high tech AV
teaching aids
Refurbished Barnes Library
and Student Services Centre
£2million Refurbishment of the Medical
School building foyer and Barnes Library
providing impressive visitor and student
services facilities. Opened in 2011.
Wolfson Centre for
Medical Education
435 seat lecture with
high quality AV system,
video conferencing, WiFi
and interactive system
for Q&A sessions.
College Common Room
and Food Court
Prosectorium Facility
10 dissection tables installed in a bright, airy
environment, enhancing the learning and
teaching experience and providing more time
for students to learn anatomy
Clinical Research Facilities
An unrivalled environment for high quality
patient-orientated teaching and research
Human Biomaterials Research
Centre and Advanced Therapy
Human tissue bank for collection,
storage and distribution and a cell
therapy and gene therapy pharmacy
for our on going research.
Pharmacy Laboratories
Undergraduate Open Day
 Our next Open Day is Saturday 26 October
 To register online:
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