 Thiruvalluvar (Tamil: திருவள்ளுவர்) is a celebrated Tamil poet who wrote the Thirukkural, a work on ethics in Tamil literature.

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Transcript  Thiruvalluvar (Tamil: திருவள்ளுவர்) is a celebrated Tamil poet who wrote the Thirukkural, a work on ethics in Tamil literature.

Thiruvalluvar (

Tamil : திருவள்ளுவர் ) is a celebrated Tamil poet who wrote the Thirukkural , a work on ethics in Tamil literature . Thiruvalluvar, who is believed to have born 30 years before Jesus Christ. Thirukkural has three major parts. The first part deals with Aram (Virtue), the moral value of human life. It has 38 chapters. The second part is on Porul (Wealth), the socio economic values of men in a civilized society. It has 70 chapters. The third part is on Kamam or Inbam (Love), the psychological values of life.

Humility and sweetness of speech are the ornaments of man; all others are not (ornaments).

Retail Thought

Your words and deeds are deciding your destiny in retailing. Whether you are a manager, CSA or security guard, your gentleness and sweet words are going to delight your boss, the customer. Your humbleness, smile and sweet words are the most suitable techniques to pacify an angry customer.

The true merchandize of merchants is to guard and do by the things of others as they do by their own.

Retail Thought

In retail, we are the custodians of others’ money. It may be the stakeholder, vendor or customer. We should take the ownership to ensure the prosperity of the business. We will prosper, when our business prospers. When we value customers’ money, time and satisfaction, customers will give us more share of their spending.

Consider, and then undertake a matter; after having undertaken it, to say "We will consider," is folly.

Retail Thought

Before initiating any activity, visualize the result, plan the way to realize that and collect all resources you need. Then do it. Only think about the result. Don’t rethink about your decision

There is nothing which may not be accomplished by those who, before they attack (an enemy), make themselves acquainted with their own ability, and with whatever else is (needful) to be known, and apply themselves wholly to their object.

Retail Thought

Everything is possible for those who knows the ways to achieve their targets and work consistently to achieve that target

Even though the income (of a king) be small, it will not cause his (ruin), if his outgoings be not larger than his income.

Retail Thought

Margin is less in retail business. So, the expenses are very critical in retail. Reducing the expenses is one of the easiest ways to achieve profitability in retail. So, when you try to increase sales, try to reduce our expenses also.

After having considered, "this man can accomplish this, by these means", let (the king) leave with him the discharge of that duty.

Retail Thought

If you believe, somebody is competent and loyal, give him 100% power to accomplish a task. Don’t micromanage. Don’t meddle.

Let those, who desire that their family may be illustrious, put away all idleness from their conduct.

Retail Thought

If you love your family, if you like to see your family prospers, then you will give up laziness and work hard for the family. When you work hard, your company will prosper. When the company prosper, the prosperity will be shared with you and it will help your family to prosper.

Procrastination, forgetfulness, idleness, and sleep, these four things, form the vessel which is desired by those destined to destruction.

Retail Thought

If you want be something in retail, you should give up procrastination, forgetfulness, idleness and laziness. Otherwise, these bad qualities will not only destroy customer satisfaction, but also your career.

Take care not to give up exertion in the midst of a work; the world will abandon those who abandon their unfinished work.

Retail Thought

You must finish the work you started. Don’t think about others. World will not appreciate you, if you incomplete your tasks

Adverse fate is no disgrace to any one; to be without exertion and without knowing what should be known, is disgrace.

Retail Thought

Lack of fortune is not your mistake. You may fail because of your misfortune. But you should try. If you don’t try, bad luck will not turn into good luck. So try, don’t worry about your luck or result.

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