Construction of New Greenfield Bridge across River Ganga

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Transcript Construction of New Greenfield Bridge across River Ganga

The Great Ashoka City
Presented by :
Aparna Architect and Engicons Pvt. Ltd.,
Need for the Project
 The ancient Patliputra (now Patna), one of the
best planned historical cities of the world is now
badly suffering from the problem of congestion
and lack of greenery.
 The present environment is full of noise
and pollution which adversely affects
human lifestyle.
The project aims to bring people closer to
the nature which facilitates a healthy living
within the city.
The Project Objectives
To Provide a self dependable township
with all necessary facilities within the
community or nearby
To provide a lot of green area for healthy
To provide open spaces for the feeling of
 To provide all the facilities within the
municipal area
The Site
On four lane NH 30
1.5 Km east of Pahari
4 Km from NMCH
4 Km from proposed ISBT
5 Km from proposed Kachi dargah-Bidupur Ganga
3 Km from Ongoing Ganga Path
Renowned Schools in 4-6 km radius
Patna sahib, Guljarbagh and Rajendra Nagar terminal 37 Km radius
1.5 Km from ongoing rail over bridge to Patna city
The company
The Aparna Architects and Engicons pvt.
Ltd. has completed many Projects of
Residential/Commercial nature in the
vicinity. The legendary Project like Jalalpur
city, Patna (largest township in the state)
is the one of the examples of a similar
project. The company has a team of
renowned Engineers, Architects and
Financial Personnel.
The Location Plan
The Project
 A self dependable township with all required in campus
 A group of approximately 800 houses and commercial
 Easily accessible from the main city and different parts of
the state as well
 The largest township of the state, contains an area of
approximately 15 Acres
 A township with approximately 50 % green and frivolous
 Separate spaces for driver , servant and support staff
Proposed amenities
 Separate swimming pool for men, women and children
 Health club/Gym/Yoga/ meditation /Panchkarma zone
 Skating/Walking track, Children’s play ground and Club
 Indoor games hall with multipurpose room
 Driveway/Parking, Car washing facilities
 Three tier security system
 Beautiful temple
 Inside market complex/plaza high speed internet service
 Community Kitchen
 Garden/More that 50 % lush green area
 Separate drivers, servant and support staff accommodation
on optional basis
A glimpse of Project Financials
A unique three step procedure for buyer
Buyer to purchase a piece of land of area X
Buyer to execute a development agreement
with AAE for four years
Buyer will get a flat in proposed township of
approximate super built up area of X Sft
Why this Option…
One time investment will avoid huge
amount against interest of housing loan
To have a peaceful healthy and strain free
environment after whole day hectic work
Minimal expense as compare to the
current market rate
To avoid lengthy irritating process of bank
loan finance
Contact us
Corporate Office
Aparn Architect & Engicons Pvt. Ltd.
404, 4th Floor, Hitech Arcade,
opposite CDA building, Rajendra Path,
Phone no: 0612-3215999
E mail: [email protected]
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Support Office
Aparn Architect & Engicons Pvt. Ltd.
Shop No. 03, First Floor,
Commercial Complex,
Jalalpur City, Ramjaipal Path,
Off Bailley Road,
Patna: 801503
The end
Thanks ….
From : Aparna Architects & Engicon Pvt.
Ltd, Patna