PowerPoint show - Rager Road church of Christ

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Transcript PowerPoint show - Rager Road church of Christ

Instructions For Elders
Text: Acts 20.28-30
Our Study: Acts 20.17-35
Paul Corrected Apollos’ Teaching Re: Baptism
12 Disciples @ Ephesus: Re-baptized
2 Yrs & 3 Mo’s In Ephesus
Trouble With Demetrius Re: Diana
Paul Goes To Greece…
3 Mo’s Work, Then Another Plot
En Route To Jerusalem For Pentecost
[Stops By Troas: Frequency Of Lord’s Supper]
At Miletus: [50 Mi S Of Ephesus]
Calls For Ephesian Elders
Some Important Lessons
For & About Elders:
Elders Are Always Seen In Churches In
Paul Had 20/20 Vision Regarding
His Work…
“I Shrank Not From Declaring Unto You
Anything That Was Profitable…”
“Anything” Means “Everything”
He Was “Teaching” & “Declaring”
Two Settings: Public; Homes
Message Was For All Men…
Jews: Recognize Jesus As Christ...
Greeks: Accept Christ As Son/God
Paul Received Message For His
Mission From The Holy Spirit...
So Do We!
Paul Got His Directly…
We: Indirectly
Verse 24:
Most Important Priority In Life:
Serve God!
“Gospel Of The Grace Of God”
God’s Gracious Gospel…
Gospel Of God’s Grace
Verse 26:
Do Your Duty Or Share In
The Loss Of Souls!
Ezekiel 3.17-21
Verse 27:
Nothing More…Nothing Less…
Verse 28:
Look To Yourself…
Watch Out For The Church…
Vital Point:
The Holy Spirit Makes Men Elders!
Elders, Bishops/Overseers, Pastor
All The Same Man
Qualification, Authority, Work
Division Can Come From Within
The Leadership Of A Congregation
Some Men Desire To Be Popular…
To Be In Charge…
To Be First, Have Preeminence!
3 John 9
Like All Of Us…
Leaders [Elders] Need Constant
Reminders Of Danger!
Verse 32:
This Is What Keeps Us Going!
Verse 33:
Leadership Is Not Merely For
Material Gain
Verse 34:
Nothing Wrong With A Preaching
Doing Secular Work
Verse 35:
A Good Example For Us All!