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Ground Transportation Systems

ETCS Level 2 Operational Concept in Austria

11th UIC ERTMS World Conference - Istanbul April 2014 Dr. Ruth HIERZER / Thales Manfred PISEK / ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

Thales in Transportation A specialist in IT-based critical systems for Transport

3 / Thales Transportation Systems by the numbers


km of track equipped with the Thales ETCS solutions 219,949 Thales rail field equipment installed worldwide


traction energy savings with optimised train management, equivalent to 100 family homes power consumption

4 / Thales Transportation Systems by the numbers Up to 500,000 control points supervised from a single OCC Real-time video surveillance transmission to OCC from all transport modes Over

50 million

ticketing transactions in 100 cities processed daily by Thales

5 / Strategic Targets Infrastructure Operations OeBB

Target network 2025+ represents a capable infrastructure for more trains, passengers, goods, and synchronised traffic.

Key Figures – Network 2012

5000 km of railroads

6500 trains per day

224 million passengers per year

113 million tons of goods per year

142 million km covered by trains

Key Figures – Network 2025+ (according to traffic forecasts)

~ 4800 km of railroads

~ 9000 trains per day

~ 300 million passengers per year

~ 142 million tons of goods per year

~ 198 million km covered by trains

    Source: N.Pausch, ÖBB-Inrastruktur AG

Reduced headway times - Efficient use of infrastructure Higher train speeds Synchronised traffic with well linked connections Energy efficiency

6 / Main Pillars of Strategy Implementation

Automatisation ETCS




Electronic Interlocking rollout

Civil works


network adaptations



7 / Integrated Operations - Automatisation

8 / Integrated Operations - Centralisation

5 Operation Control Centers (OCC) are responsible for the control and dispatching of the complete core network of the ÖBB Increasing productivity Assuring the highest level of safety Enhancing quality

9 / Longterm Investment Strategy for Integrated Operations 2032 Objective: The operation control-strategy has been implemented for the whole network

• the implementation is linked to projects within the future network 2025+

2012 The operation control-strategy is being implemented

• 1 integrated traffic management centre • 5 operation control centres

2005 Decision to implement the operation strategy at ÖBB In 2032

• approx.


employees in network operations • Approx.


staffed local operation sites • Approx.


Train km covered per employee

In 2012


employees • in network operations


staffed local operation • sites


Train km covered per employee

Initial Position

• 4,455 employees in network operations • 530 staffed local operation sites • 37,000 Train km covered per employee Source: N.Pausch, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

10 /

ETCS Status 2014

Austrian ERTMS/ETCS deployment strategy

Source: OeBB Infrastruktur AG

11 / Austrian ERTMS/ETCS deployment strategy

Deployment Train Control – Target 2025

Deployment ETCS under discussion Deployment ETCS L2 decided Rail Network OeBB

Source: OeBB Infrastruktur AG

12 / First ETCS Level 2 Project in Austria

  First ETCS L2 implementation for Austrian Railways with two line sections on main railway corridor Project duration: May 2009 – Dec 2012

First Putting into operation ETCS L2 in Austria December 9 th , 2012

13 / OeBB‘s Operations Experience - Major Achievements

Significant travel time reduction: Vienna – Salzburg 2:20 h

2013: 1 Million Train KMs reached

Up to

270 trains/day

with speeds up to

230 km/h 2013: less than 200 delayminutes/month caused by ETCS

14 / Experience and recommendations

o Involve

experts with practical background

from the very beginning o Set a

clear target with corresponding timeline

and let them work –

without intervention!


Cooperate with suppliers

as close as you can o Necessity of clear and detailed

operational and technical specifications


Supplementary integrations lab

for early system testing

Get the most out of your infrastructure

Ground Transportation Systems