Procure to Pay

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Purchasing and
Disbursements and Travel Services
Post-Conversion Vendor, Purchasing,
Accounts Payable, and Travel
FAR Meeting – June 25th, 2014
PO Encumbrances and
• Define encumbrances were not rolled over to UTShare/PeopleSoft
• Email the Purchasing Office ([email protected]) with request to recreate
the PO encumbrance in UTShare/PeopleSoft
• UTShare/PeopleSoft is set to release PO open encumbrances by an
automated closing process after 90 days of inactivity
• If funds need to be released sooner, email the Purchasing Office
([email protected]) to close a PO and release the encumbrance.
• DEFINE Purchases not recreated in UTShare/PeopleSoft do not need to be
closed, funds have already been returned to the department.
Additional Purchasing Information
Requisition/PO Delivery Location
– Modifying the delivery location on a requisition identifies where CRW (Central Receiving
Warehouse) is to delivery products received
– “How To” on the Purchasing website for instructions on changing a Delivery Location
Requisition Budget Errors (Open Status vs. Approved)
– Save the requisition in Open Status (select Save and Preview Approvals) to allow a
requisition to be modified and corrected.
– Approving a requisition (selecting Save and Submit) does not allow a requisition to be
• Use Manage Requisition to check the status of each requisition.
• Notify Purchasing ([email protected]) if you have a requisition is Approved Status
with a Budget Error
Placing vendor orders
– End users are responsible for emailing all small dollar PO’s to the vendor to place orders.
– The system is not set to automatically email a PO to a specific vendor.
Payment Methods Used to Pay
for Open POs from Define
• Procard: Option to pay invoices under $5k in full
(notify DTS so that original invoice can be forwarded
to department).
– Procard payment is not an option for Grant funded
• Accounts Payable: Recreate PO in
UTShare/Peoplesoft (contact Purchasing via email at
[email protected])
Vendor File
• DTS creates, approves and updates vendor profiles
• Employee and individual files were not converted
to UTShare/Peoplesoft
• Complete SIF (Supplier Information Form) for
vendor setup. SIF consolidates IRS W9 and direct
deposit information.
• Non-Converted Vendors: DTS will setup if
W9/direct deposit forms were submitted within the
last year
• Fax or send via campus mail SIF forms (do not
Wire Transfers
• Applies to foreign vendors
• Require W8-BEN to setup vendors in
• Complete new Wire Transfer Request
• Send originals via campus mail to DTS
• Interim Process: Voucher created by DTS
Travel Reminders
• TAF (Travel Authorization Form) used for
corrections, for unauthorized travel, and for
interim process
• Group Travel and Participant Advances are
handled as NON-PO vouchers (created by
• No Cost to UTSA travel: encumber 1 cent to
create Travel Authorization in T&E module; upon
return of trip, close out Expense Report and mark
box under detail link as “non-reimbursable.”
Travel Reminders (cont’d)
• Blanket Travel: create travel authorization for 30
days. Travelers have 30 days upon return of trip to
settle travel. Because partial payments are not
available in T&E module, travel periods should be
processed for no more than 30 days to expedite
reimbursements to travelers.
• Do not process a CASH ADVANCE when
requesting a TAC card.
• CLIBA/TAC card payments are processed via a
NON-PO voucher.
• Travel Advance Guideline
• Travel Card Guideline
• Travel Reimbursement Guideline