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April 2014 Presented by Kay Lamphiear, Nicole Thompson, Cathy Butler, and Lisa Coon

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GrizMart AP Processes Travel Procard Questions

What does AP do after the department has submitted a Non-PO payment?

• • • All payments go into a Non-PO Payment AP review folder. Each member in AP will assign their section of the Alphabet.

Vendors starting with A-I are assigned to Lisa Coon Vendors starting with L-S are assigned to Nicole Thompson Vendors starting with J,K,T-Z are assigned to Cathy Butler

Once assigned each AP member will review their assigned Non-PO’s.

AP opens the Non-PO form by clicking on the product description. We open the attachments and verify the information on invoice to what was entered and also what account codes are being used and assign payment due date If everything seems to be in order, we will save changes made to form and then approve/complete the requisition. Once this is done Grizmart creates the PO then creates the Invoice (Z#). The invoice is sent to banner for payment.

AP steps for a PO payment

• • • Invoices are sent to AP via campus mail or dropped off Each morning AP stamps in the mail from the previous day with that date and sorts according to division of alphabet Each AP Specialist prioritizes their work in accordance with department workload and priorities

Invoices for PO’s

• • When the invoice has been reviewed to ensure all proper information is listed on the invoice such as PO#, invoice number, vendor name, etc. The invoice is scanned and sent to our 3 rd party vendor Docufree. Docufree sends to SciQuest to be imported into GrizMart and attached to the PO listed on the invoice as an invoice that is ready to be processed for payment.

The import process may take up to 3 days to import the invoice to appear in the AP processing file in GrizMart

What does AP do after invoices are imported to Grizmart?

Once invoices appear in the processing file each AP Specialist assigns their respective vendor invoices to themselves and begins the matching process to get the invoices paid

• • • The AP matching process begins by opening the attachment so we can see the actual invoice AP will check the invoice date, number, remit to address, lines of PO, amounts, and due date( if changes are made we click save then approve/complete) There are vendors who submit there invoice electronically. These vendor we do not see an actual invoice.

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Helpful tidbits

If using two indexes, account codes put your accounting at the line level You still have banner query access to look up vendor payment information If you need to update an RT address please do so before entering item into grizmart by submitting a vendor request Our payment terms are net 30. Payments dates should be entered as the Wednesday before the payment is due. If entered after that Wednesday the payment will go on the next check run.

If the vendor takes procard please pay with a procard if under $5,000.

Please direct your comments/emails to a specific AP specialist Please use current forms by going to the Business Services website under forms to get the most current

Timeframes for AP processing

• • GrizMart: Non PO’s— AP will review/process of these if received by 5pm Monday for this weeks check run or when payment is due.

PO Invoices— AP will review/process of these if they are imported by 5pm Monday for this weeks check run or when payment is due.

***If there is a problem with the items this could hold up the processing for another week***

Grizmart help desk

The help desk number is 243-5595 Please use this number if you need help with grizmart

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Travel documents are moving to GrizMart You will continue to complete the Request and Authorization to Travel(RAT) and Travel Expense Report(TER) Use the travel form to enter minimal info into GrizMart, scanning travel documents and receipts • You may use GrizMart workflow for authorization, electronic signatures • Comments will be used when clarification or additional information is needed.

You will not need to make copies of paper work or file original paper work as GrizMart will maintain documents and receipts indefinitely.


• • • If you have card holder leave your department/UM please notify us immediately Use you procard on campus only for purchases thru the bookstore. All other purchases should be paid via inter unit journal entry i.e.: course registration Reminder: you cannot use your procard for meal per diem