The Role of the Assistant in PE and APE - NC-APE

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Transcript The Role of the Assistant in PE and APE - NC-APE

Physical Education
The Role of the Assistant in Physical Education and
Adapted Physical Education Class
Physical Education is defined as the
development of:
• Physical and motor fitness
• Fundamental motor skills and
• Skills in aquatics, dance and
individual and group games and
What is Physical Education
• All CMS students MUST participate in
physical education or adapted physical
• There are NO exemptions
• The IEP team determines whether the student
will participate in general PE or adapted PE
based on recommendations from the APE
• PE and daily physical activity may NOT be
withheld as a form of punishment or because
classwork is not done.
The Law
• Attend PE and actively assist the
student with instruction
• Dress appropriately – tennis shoes
• Supervise student
• Communicate with the PE teacher
Expectations of the
Assistant in PE
Be on time
Preferential seating
Interaction with gen ed peers
Maximize student involvement in
Active Participation
• Does student need help dressing
out for PE?
• Dress out in alternate setting
• Set an example –wear tennis
shoes, dress appropriately so that
you can move.
• Cell phones?!?!
What to Wear?
Be prepared for PE! Tennis shoes are recommended, high
heels are NOT! Cell phones are not user friendly in PE.
It’s best to leave them in the room while you work with the
• Accompany student to PE and
remain throughout class
• Levels of supervision
• Behavior Plan?
• Knowledge of rules/procedures in
Staff Communication
• Communicate regularly with PE
staff and peers
Student Communication
• Repeat instructions in simple terms
• Use visual symbols/schedule
• Demonstration
The PE teacher knows the activity,
You know the student and may have
suggestions for modifications.
• Bigger, softer balls
• Closer distance
• More repetitions
• Simplify rules
Strategies for Participation
Adapted PE staff
PT staff
Classroom teacher
Marie Slusser – Lead APE
[email protected]
Kathy Jaeck
[email protected]
Jolanda Hengstman
[email protected]
Amy Clark ( ½ time APE, ½ time Metro)
[email protected]
Phone: 980-343-2684
Location: EC Satellite Office
CMS Adapted PE Staff