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About Arctic Tundra
The Arctic Tundra is
the world's youngest
biome. Tundra comes
from the Finnish word
"tunturia", which
means a barren land. It
is usually very cold,
and the land is pretty
Plain. The tundra is the
world's coldest and
driest biomes.
Arctic Fox
The Arctic fox makes
its home in small
burrows in frost-free
ground, often in low
mounds, or in rock
piles. Because the
Arctic fox is a
scavenger it can
usually find food to
eat. Sometimes the
fox will follow Polar
bears or other
predators and feed
off the remains they
leave behind
Snowy owls
The snowy owl is said to
be one of the biggest owls
in the world and the most
attractive. the male and
female owl have different
markings on there
feathers it is called a
snowy owl because of its
white feathers. Male owls
are mostly pure white
with small spots. The
female snowy owl have
thick brown lines across
their body's. They both
have large yellow eyes,
set in front of their faces.
Their ears are large and
hidden under dense,
white feathers.
Polar bear
Polar bears can be found
all through the polar
regions of the Northern
hemisphere. They are the
largest carnivore on land.
They have a black nose and
eyes. They have two layers
of fur which is so warm
that adult bears can easily
overheat when they run.
The polar bear's fur is
really clear, not white.
Some light reflects off the
fur and makes it look
white. Most of the sun's
rays reach their black skin,
absorbs the heat and keeps
the polar bear warm. The
adult's fur looks darker
than the cub's fur.
Musk Ox
The musk ox live in the
frozen tundra in northern
Alaska The musk ox can
live in the harsh
conditions of the arctic
tundra because its long
hair. The musk ox can
weigh 396 pounds – 880
pounds. The male ox has
big horns and the female
ox has smaller horns
Arctic Willow
The twigs on a willow are
soft, and they bend easily.
A willow has thin
branches. The leaves are
narrow and grow
alternately on the branch.
Some leaves have flat
Pasqual Flower
Pasqual flower is a pretty
tundra plant. It is a
member of the
Ranunculaceae family,
which is Latin for little
frog. The name was given
to the family because a
group of plants in this
family grow where frogs
Labor Tea
The part used from this
plant are the leaves,
which were brewed for
tea by Native Americans.
The tea is very
rich in vitamin C. They
were also scattered
among clothes to keep
moths away. Branches
kept with grain are said to
keep mice away
Bear berry
Bearberry is a low
growing evergreen. It has
a stem that rises 2-8" off
the ground and is covered
in a thick bark and fine
silky hairs. On the stem
are many oval-shaped,
leathery leaves that are _"
to 1" long. The flowers
have five petals and are
pale pink or white. The
petals are only _" long and
are curled around the
narrow center
Human Activates
Humans are producing
carbon foot print and
humans are doing global
warming the tundra will
melt and the animals will
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