Properties of Water Review

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Transcript Properties of Water Review

Question 1
 What is the Molecular formula for water?
Answer 1
 H2O
Question 2
 Water has an uneven distribution of charges, making it
what type of molecule?
Answer 2
 Polar
Question 3
 Due to this uneven sharing of electrons, the Oxygen
atom has a slightly ___________ charge.
Answer 3
 Negative
Question 4
 Water’s ability to stick to itself is known as…
Answer 4
 Cohesion
Question 5
 What property of water allows this water strider to
walk on top of a pond?
Answer 5
 Surface Tension
Question 6
 This property of water makes it difficult to remove a
wet microscope slide from a table.
Answer 6
 Adhesion
Question 7
The following pictures show a phenomena known as a meniscus. What
property/properties of water causes this?
Answer 7
 The water molecules on the side of the graduated
cylinder ADHERE to the glass.
Question 8
 What property of water allows water to reach the
leaves of tall trees?
Answer 8
 Capillary Action
Question 9
 Why can capillary action only occur in small tubes?
Answer 9
 Capillary action in larger tubes can not overcome the
force of gravity.
Question 10
 A substance that dissolves in water is known as a
Answer 10
 Solute
Question 11
 Water’s pH is usually around ______, making it ideal
for supporting life
Answer 11
 7 (Neutral)
Question 12
 A new substance is found. You decide to see if it
dissolves in water. You find that the substance clumps
up and does not dissolve. What can you conclude
about the polarity of this substance?
Answer 12
 This substance is non-polar! “Likes dissolve likes”
Question 12
 Would this new substance dissolve in oil?
Answer 12
 Yes! Oil is non-polar, and the new substance is as well.
“Likes Dissolve Likes”
Question 13
 You suspect that a factory is dumping harmful bases
into a nearby river. What property should you test the
river for?
Answer 13
 pH
Question 14
 Give an example of a pH level that would support your
hypothesis that the factory is dumping bases into the
Answer 14
 pH ranging from more than 7-14
Question 15
 Why is water considered an inorganic molecule?
Answer 15
 It does not contain CARBON!
 You fill a glass bottle with water and put in the
refrigerator overnight. When you wake up the next
morning, you find the glass has shattered.
 What property of water can explain this?
Answer 16
 Water becomes less dense when it freezes. It is very
unique in the fact that it expands when it freezes.
Question 17
 What would happen to lakes and ponds if water did
NOT become less dense as it freezes?
Answer 17
They would freeze solid
Question 18
 Why is water considered the elixir of life?